Ukraine asks Germany for arms: No to a true friend!Germany is adamant: no

2022-05-03 0 By

Having pissed off Russia, Ukraine has little choice but to cuddle around. Insecure despite the US-led NATO presence, it has reached out to Germany, which has lost face this time.According to multiple foreign media reports, German Foreign Minister Berberk reiterated Germany’s position in Ukraine on January 17 local time. When asked about it by journalists, she firmly said:Germany has no intention of sending arms to Ukraine, not before, not now, not in the future, it doesn’t matter where I personally visit, it has to do with Germany’s arms export policy, so I can be sure that the answer will not change.When it comes to helping Ukraine, Berberk believes that Germany has helped Ukraine in many ways, such as helping Ukraine build a mobile hospital, helping Russia and Ukraine to cool down the situation at the national diplomatic level and doing its best to stop the outbreak of the crisis and so on.But Ukraine has apparently don’t think so, British media said, before the bell burke arrived in Ukraine, Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany melnick has revealed that this time must be to convince Germany to provide weapons, help Ukraine response to Russia’s aggression “threat”, to prove that between DE wu is “true friends”.By implication, Germany must prove that it is on Ukraine’s side by providing arms, and that it is not a true friend if it does not.Good boy, begging with such dignity, worthy of Ukraine, is really an eye-opener.Unfortunately, Germany refused to accept this, and Ukraine had no choice but to sulk.In fact, as early as last December, Ukraine asked Germany for arms aid, then it had been rejected once, but Ukraine did not give up, especially before the opening to Germany, there is another thing to make Ukraine confident, that is the first batch of British aid to Ukraine has arrived on the 17th.For the specific number and type of this weapon, Britain did not say, however, the defence secretary, Wallace has made it clear that the arms is a defensive, and belongs to the light and short-range, does not belong to strategic weapons, will pose no threat to Russia, only in the Ukraine suffered from aggression, they will come in handy.The foreign minister’s remarks, in particular, hurt Ukraine’s feelings that Britain gave something, no matter how much or how lethal, to Germany.Ambassador Melnik, who had hoped Germany would prove to be a “true friend”, said gloomily: “Germany’s position is sad and regrettable, and the Ukrainian people are very disappointed.Last year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed frustration with Germany for blocking NATO from supplying defensive weapons to Ukraine.”Don’t we, as a nation gripped by the fear of war, have the right to own and use them?” Zelensky asks, aggrieved.See from last year, this year, Germany’s attitude has not changed, is Ukraine’s own spirit, must touch a rebuff, which reflects the style of Ukraine, even not to the national sovereignty, also want to perch on a person, as if must site behind a few only confident “parents”, as a net friend said, the mud helps not on the wall.It is laughably naive to say that “no help is no friend”. Does Ukraine really think that those willing to supply arms will then come to its aid against Russia?The situation between Russia and Ukraine has developed to this stage today, which has nothing to do with Ukraine’s confusion and short-sightedness. If there is a misfire, Ukraine should wish for its own good.