What are some nice cat names?Just take these and use them!That’s a good way to name your cat

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What are some nice cat names?Cat owners want to give their cats a nice name, so are there any good names that can be used directly?There are some of these names.For example, the pleasant name has nine children, xiao Bai, police chief, Mimi, liang Liang and so on.The name of the cat can be chosen according to the owner’s preference or different wishes. For example, the name jiu ‘er is a homonym for “jiu”, which is a good blessing to the cat.The name jiu ‘er can be used by any cat, there is no limit.How to give your cat a nice name?Owners can name their cats according to the color of their hair, in addition to the words of good wishes.For example, if your cat is white, the name Xiao Bai is appropriate.And white often let a person associate with “pure”, “pure” and “good” and other words, so say, small white this name is also very good to hear.Sheriff is based on the story of the black cat Sheriff, so if your cat happens to be a black cat, instead of “Black”, choose a nicer and more powerful name — Sheriff.How, hear these two words, can you feel very domineering?So, sheriff is also a nice name for a cat.In addition to the name according to the cat’s appearance, the host can also be named according to the cat personality, some cats are, for example, you can take a listen to are not too easy to name, such as “big fat”, “iron”, etc., if the cat docile personality, so call it “Mimi” directly, this name also is very good.If your cat is particularly high level of appearance, what do you think of besides the advantages of no other level of appearance, or just want to foil a kitten’s level to appearance, then directly named “jing jing”, also is very apt, coupled with the “beautiful beautiful” two words belong to the overlapping tone words, so read up will be catchy, very nice!How long does it take a cat to understand its own name?It takes patience to get a cat to accept his name.It’s impossible for the cat to understand the name in a day or two after the owner picks it up.Generally speaking, if the owner keeps saying their cat’s name, the cat will understand its own name in about a month.The premise, of course, is that the owner should often say the cat’s name, preferably in front of it, but also wink in front of the cat, all of these will show the cat that you are friendly.When cats get familiar with their names, owners should stop changing them.Because cats have an adaptation process to their names.Cats know their owners, but if they change their names frequently, it can be a problem for them.# Keep a cat everyday