2-4!The Bundesliga giants hit a humiliating 67-year record with zagadu’s own goal and Harland speechless

2022-05-04 0 By

Borussia Dortmund lost 4-2 to Rangers in the first leg of their Uefa Europa League play-off on Sunday.Zagadu was the black hole of the match, sending out a first-half penalty, scoring an own goal in the second half and missing one of his best chances as bellingham and Guerrero scored in the home defeat.In the 15th minute of the first half, Zajadu headed a cross from Dortmund’s left corner with no one guarding him, but the ball bounced to the ground and was confiscated by the goalkeeper.In the 37th minute of the first half, zagadu was fouled with a handball in the penalty area. After reviewing the VAR, the referee awarded a penalty kick. Tavernier scored and Doult was 1-0 down at home.Before the end of the half, Tavernier corner cross, rangers players in the penalty area header relay, Morelos outflanked the open goal to win, at the end of the half, Dot 2-0 down!Courtside, Harland flabbergasted, help the forehead to regret, dot coaching staff angry throw water bottle!The second half, hornets defense continued to sleepwalk, the 49th minute, Kent left as if no one’s territory, in the face of many defensive clever cross, undefended Lundstellan long shot, Dott 0-3 down!In the 51st minute, Bellingham pulled a goal back from distance, dott saw a glimmer of hope, however, zagadu again dashed hope!In the 54th minute, Morelos’s shot was pardoned by Zagadu, then hit Guerrero’s foot and the two contributed to an own goal, which was officially credited to Zagadu, leaving Dot three goals behind again.Guerrero scored from distance in the 82nd minute, but time was running out.Finally the end of the game, Dort home 2-4 defeat.Dortmund’s defeat was an embarrassing piece of history: Rangers are the first Scottish team to score four goals in a single game in Germany since 1955.This season’s champions league group stage, Dortmund and ajax, Portuguese sports and besiktas points in the same group, more than three wins 3 flat 9 points, points with the Portuguese sports, finished third, but because of the outcome and goal difference but slipped to the Europa league, the rangers ranked second group A in the Europa league group stage only, regardless of the strength of two teams, or the team is the gap is bigger.However, more recent affected by injuries, the squad is not neat, especially in the case of lack of the main players such as harland, achievement is not ideal, multiple fronts to since 2022, more than five games have lost three games, successively in the German cup shock defeat to st. Pauli, the bundesliga 2-5 against bayer leverkusen, as well as in their Europa league play-off 2-4 defeat to bum,Dortmund have conceded nine goals in their last two home games, compared to eight in their previous eight.It is worth mentioning that in 3 days, Dortmund will play against menxing at home…(no more question)