“Barbie Q”, The share price of Goer shares hit a new low this year, and the shareholders lost 430,000 yuan on average

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Once the “fruit chain” billions of giants – Ge ‘er shares hit a new low stage!On April 6, Goer shares opened low, intraday fell to 5.48%, the share price fell to 33.10 yuan/share, hitting a new low this year.By the time of publication, Goer shares fell 4.94%, the latest share price is 33.29 yuan/share, the latest total market value is 113.7 billion yuan.In the daily K chart of Goer shares, since this year, its share price trend shows a state of decline, and there is basically no rebound in the process.Compared with 58.43 yuan/share on December 13 last year, the market to now, the decline of 43.02%, the evaporation of stock market value of 85.8 billion yuan.If the latest disclosure of the number of shareholders 232,600 estimated, the loss of each household is 432,400 yuan.Data show that the main business of Goer shares is precision components business, intelligent acoustic complete machine business and intelligent hardware business.Its predecessor is Goeracoustics, early focus on speakers, microphones, Bluetooth and other acoustic equipment.It expanded smoothly when smartphones and other smart devices took off, boosting revenue.However, as the expansion of the consumer electronics market has hit the ceiling, some of The company’s businesses have also been hit.But the company has been aggressively transforming itself into smart hardware, backed by the concept of a “meta-universe.”According to its 2021 performance report, the revenue of intelligent hardware in this year was 32.8 billion yuan, up 85.87 percent year on year, accounting for 41.94 percent of the revenue, making it its first core business.The effect of the transformation was also “immediate”. The stock price of Goer rose from the lowest 6.21 yuan in 2019, and fluctuated all the way up until the highest price of 58.43 yuan in 2021.The biggest rise in share prices over a period of more than two years was 840.90%.After hitting an all-time high, Goel shares began a steep decline that matched the decline between November 2020 and March 2021.A stock’s price moves ahead of the earnings of a listed company, and that may be a clue.In the four single quarters of 2021, its revenue was 116.68%, 78.70%, 17.46% and 10.52% year-on-year, and its net profit was 228.41%, 57.22%, 29.61% and 13.29% year-on-year.The growth rate of revenue and net profit both appeared more obvious decline, and there are signs of acceleration.In anticipation of continued underperformance in the future, money fled.In addition, the cumulative number of shares held by the top ten outstanding shareholders of Goel shares has continued to decrease in the last three disclosure periods, which may also make it difficult for its stock price to rise in the short term.By the end of the second quarter of 2021, the total number of shares held by the top 10 outstanding shareholders is 1.218 billion, accounting for 40.93% of outstanding shares, a decrease of 58.837,700 shares compared with the previous period.At the end of the third quarter, this value was 1.16 billion shares, accounting for 38.96%, 58.4948 million shares less than the previous period;At the end of the year, this value was 1.126 billion shares, accounting for 38.33%, a decrease of 33.7842 million shares compared with the previous period.An individual stock circulation of the top 10 shareholders hold a lot of chips, they are part of the investors in the process of stocks rose chose underweight, on the one hand may be their funding needs, on the other hand may be think of that time, stock price is a bit “expensive”, by reducing the behavior of the warehouse to stock valuation for a dynamic balance.On the Internet, retail investors wrote, “Turn on your mobile phone and watch Goer’s share price today. It hit a new low this year.Finally, when a stock’s stock price is in a downward trend, its stock price trend has the effect of negative feedback, that is, investors are easier to find “excuses” for falling.So we are always bullish on stocks going up and bearish on stocks going down.This same explanation for the downward trend of stocks on the left side of the bottom, although its earnings space is large, but the probability of success is low!Risk tip: the point of view in this article is for reference only, investment risk, market need to be cautious!