Changan Auchan X5 city lights start accelerating 7.79 seconds

2022-05-04 0 By

It’s also a good idea to sing a favorite song when you’re feeling stressed.In the car, the original Pulseless K is covered in front and back, making it possible to experience immersive songs like a karaoke club without a microphone.When you are tired, turn on the audio track mode, experience the racing-class audio-visual vibration effect, feel the integration of the charm of racing speed and the sensory rhythm of music, feel the fun of intelligent driving, forget the troubles, and have a deep spiritual baptism.Negative moments should not be about moving forward, but about finding love for your life.Changan Auchan X5 New Blue Whale NE1.5T high-pressure branch engine, maximum power 132Kw, maximum torque 300N·m, to achieve the fastest and strongest power at the same level, 0 hundred acceleration of 7.79 seconds.In the use of city signal lights, changan Auchan X5’s violent acceleration makes people excited and happy.Acceleration performance can be said to be the “signal start king.”The consistent Blue Whale 7 speed wet dual clutch transmission is technologically advanced, with fast gear exchange and plenty of energy to experience the adrenaline rush of passionate driving at all times.You are encouraged to experience a tense and calm driving experience.With the help of Changan Auchan X5, you will be full of energy during this journey before the holiday