How to Write good Poetry (1)

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The first section describes the characteristics of the word one, to the object as the image, choose its characteristics to chant things must take things, so, the main image in the word is the object or the thing associated with the object.Every article has many sides, we should understand the truth that “although things are one, feelings are different”.Everyone knows that everything in the world has many sides, and the poet tends to “only take a ladle drink” when chanting things, that is to say, only seize one of the characteristics to play, chanting into chapters, coupled with the differences of each person’s situation, character, thought, etc., so although the same chanting a thing, but mostly different themes.In chant for objects, the words are generally chosen to match the characteristics of objects and emotions.Second, to the object as the imitation, feelings to chant words generally have sustenance.The so-called sustenance is to depict the main characteristics of the thing sung, and its metaphorical or symbolic significance.Pine and bamboo, for example, are evergreen plants that are hardy and thrive in extremely harsh environments.These two often become the symbol of the unyielding character, the image of the upright, the quality of integrity.Poets often express their feelings in this way.Generally, the construction of the words to chant objects is centered on the things they chant, and the related things are described as the background, so as to create an atmosphere and set off feelings.For example, call gu Zhao shake wind of a net friend write “partridge day. Eraser” : still remember come that piece of pure, fragrant skirt coagulation color said waist.Often with paper corner grinding worry, but also to the edge of the book wipe tears.Think of the past, Yilou light dust.Used to hand bottom frequency.Now faded yan gaunt, dark regret that had not been precious.This is a chant for things, the author of a thing as an image, choose its characteristics.Second, take the object as the imitation, sustenance feelings.The third is to set off feelings and thoughts in the physical environment.It is a relatively successful chant for things.Zhang Yan said in etymology: it is difficult to chant poetry, but it is especially difficult to chant poetry.Recognition a little true, arrest and not free, poor description, obscure and unknown.Must receive vertical union close, use the matter to unite the topic.A paragraph of meaning, all in the concluding sentence, is wonderful.This is the experience summed up from the song Dynasty chanting poetry.It is also the yardstick for writing yongwu ci.1. The conception of the word “Chant for things”.Any object actually contains certain physics, philosophy, connotation in.When a person encounters or thinks of an object in a certain environment or situation, certain emotions may also be triggered.Chant, first of all to the body.We need to peel off the outer shell of the object and go deep into its core, from which we can dig out the connotation, philosophy or emotion of the object itself.Poetry portraits can’t just be like cameras;Only to reproduce the real, but should be incorporated into more of the author’s subjective consciousness and thoughts and feelings, which can make the work fully self, touching.To achieve physical feelings, it is necessary to fully understand the characteristics of things, which characteristics and subjective meaning fit, can be used for me, this in the conception stage to figure out.Choose images, choose artistic conception.As I said just now, an article has many sides. When viewed horizontally, a mountain forms a peak on its side, so when writing, only one side can be taken.The second stage of the conception is to create the mood around the image of the object.Copy the shape of the object, endowed with its god.The organic combination of form and god is a very important rule in poetry and poetry.Image language and image thinking are the basic skills of poetry writing, especially poetry chanting material.Compared with other poems, the poetry chanting material requires the use of image thinking.Whether you are simply singing, chanting, or metaphor, irony, xing, or love, you should use visual language, make full use of image thinking.Without image thinking, poetry would be dry preaching or prose.The ancients wrote poems and words, most pay attention to the interest of god.There is no god but a dead thing.Only form and spirit, called the product.All successful works of chanting things can achieve the perfect combination and unity of form and god, and achieve the muddy integration of things and me.It can be said that what people seek in the poetry of chanting objects is not only the verisimilitude of the images themselves, but the telepathy of the singers themselves.We should seize the moment of telepathy in the imagination of the image of the object and endue it with a special manner.Another is to chant things as fun.As the name implies, chanting poetry is chanting things, so the work should have an indispensable interest.This is especially true for the pure singing and tracing poetry of the first realm.If a poem is not interesting, it will only be dull and dull to read.Apart from the accurate description, what makes he Zhizhang’s poem Ode to Willow good is that the analogy of “Spring breeze in February is like scissors” is full of interest, which makes the whole poem full of vitality and lingering rhyme.Imagine if there were no such sentence, no matter how well described, would it be immortal?Without such a sentence, what is the difference compared with a riddle?Therefore, writing this kind of chant poetry, we should pay attention to fully grasp the characteristics of the personality image of the chant, the brush should be delicate and natural, the description should be vivid, the depiction should be accurate and in place, it is best to make the reader feel some kind of beauty or experience some ugly, and figure out what enlightenment and taste.If simply to trace the object, do not very likely to become similar to riddles and so on.Special attention should be paid to this.(To be continued) Poetry friends who really want to learn to fill in words, please pay attention.