Jinan a man to reward anchor more than 20 million yuan is stolen money!Court: 12 years!Legal recourse!

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In recent years, live broadcasting through the Internet has become a new form of employment, and it is not uncommon for viewers to reward them with gifts.However, if the amount of the reward is the stolen money involved, whether it can be recovered.A few days ago, shandong jinan high-tech industrial development zone of the people’s court trial in job occupation, sentenced the defendant to li mou fixed-term imprisonment for 12 years, and concurrently confiscation of personal property eight hundred thousand yuan, used for exceptional anchor and gift money involved, has been recovered in accordance with the law, will be murdered unit, recovered after the shortfalls by li mou range within 10 days after the decision takes effect.The case after December 2018 to 2020 April, the defendant Li as a zhuhai company jinan region cashier, for a company in Tai ‘an City, Shandong province to provide financial accounting services.During this period, Li mou took advantage of the position of the formation of convenient conditions, the use of the company’s bank account of the billing shield and review shield, through SAP enterprise management system, to apply for regulatory funds, false application for capital allocation, capital transfer and other ways,Transfer RMB 48,264,303 from the account of a company in Tai ‘an city and a real estate group Co., LTD to personal account.After the occupation of the company’s funds, Li used the illegal income for the reward anchor, game recharge, entertainment consumption, repayment of personal loans.Among them, the top up and rewards on the live streaming platform alone amounted to more than 23 million yuan.Up to the case, Li mou has been involved in all squandered funds.After the case, the defendant Li surrendered to the public security organ on May 9, 2020, and truthfully confessed his crimes.The court hearing the court after hearing that the defendant Li mou to use the convenience of the position, the unit property illegally accounted for his own, the amount is huge, its behavior constitutes the crime of occupation.The defendant Li mou automatic surrender, to the case truthfully confessed their crimes, voluntary admission of punishment, according to law can be lighter punishment.Meanwhile, according to item (2) of Article 11 of The Provisions of The Supreme People’s Court on The Execution of Property-related Parts in Criminal Judgment, if a third party obtains the property involved without compensation or at a price obviously lower than the market, the people’s court shall recover the property.Li mou to anchor brush gift reward is a gift contract legal relationship.It is not good faith for anchors to get high rewards without corresponding labor, and it is not consistent with the core socialist values.The illicit money that the defendant charged to the live broadcast platform falls within the scope of being recovered and shall be recovered.In summary, the court of first instance made the above judgment in accordance with the law.Source: Court of Jinan High-tech Zone