Mountain District of Hebi city: “Three steps” to promote rural “new look”

2022-05-04 0 By

In recent years, Shilin Town, Shancheng District, Hebi City has taken the “three steps” as the main measures to improve the rural appearance, create a livable environment, improve the happiness index, consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, and help rural revitalization.”The sanitation of the village needs everyone to come together, support the cleaning of sanitation, everyone to participate in improving the village environment.”In shilin town village house meeting, village group cadres, village team and some villagers gathered together, we on the recent environmental health work in the village to exchange and discuss, and strive to improve the village appearance, build livable environment.Since this year, to fundamentally change the thinking and understanding of environmental health treatment, family support, everyone involved, force control working pattern, the town is shard by village at WuChang will, in the form of preaching environmental health knowledge, discuss village sanitation treatment, enhance people’s awareness to care for the environment,It has effectively created a good atmosphere of social participation and joint efforts by the whole people in environmental protection.And masses of beautiful “new countryside” adhere to the party lead the linkage, with branch “thematic party day” and “support day” on Thursday, collection and masses together, the town party member cadre masses demonstration leading role into full play, in combination with the “five lectures, five love be qualified, party member” activities, fully mobilize the masses to deploy all party member to indoor and outdoor public area cleaning,Create a good public health environment.At the same time, the town relies on the new era civilization practice station, in the town set up 22 environmental health renovation volunteer service teams, they cut through the edge of the main road in each village, garbage point, before and after the house, the village health dead spot for many times thorough cleaning, cleaning.Busy and orderly figure, in the country road formed a beautiful scenery line.Environmental renovation enjoyed “new life” in environmental remediation, the town party committee, the government always put environmental health governance as a normalized and institutionalized work issue, in regulation “dirty, dirty, disorderly and poor”, in “greening, lighting, landscaping” seek breakthrough, was carried out on the town street greening, lighting, landscaping, combining the villages each quarter performance appraisal,Strive to achieve “village clean and tidy, orderly household”.(Qin Ying, Propaganda Department, Shancheng District Committee, Hebi City)