Now, the post-80s and post-90s are all about dating vegetarians.

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Recently popular a word on the network, called about element “P” as the name implies, is the date when the relationship does not occur, only hug to promote feelings of both sides, although this is also a new way to make friends, but most people addicted to it are called “warm each other in spirit such as” some time ago, there was a netizen exposure, said:Recently, he found out that his girlfriend had met another guy behind his back. They even checked the hotel records on their mobile phones. When the man confronted her with evidence, the reply was “We did have a relationship, but we didn’t have sex”.”We can’t solve the physiological needs to do to understand each animal” although truth sounds impressive, but in the eyes of most Internet users, this excuse is unreasonable, in any one boy, probably won’t believe, what’s more, in the case of already has a boyfriend, and the other boys, such feelings will not long on top of that,And part of the net friend has resonated, they say, compared with the ordinary date, mental communication seems to be more suitable for modern young people, because the contemporary after 80, 90, does not seem to lack love life, but in the spirit of extreme lack of starting in 2020, the United States has produced a new industry called “psychological massage therapist,”Engaged in the industry of Celia was once a bar bartender, because in the workplace, often see frustrated young men and women, so plug Celia had a bold idea, she apply for registration of a “paid to embrace” business, invite different customers to home every day to give each other hug and chat.In this purpose, achieve the result that relaxes the other although started working when Celia nervous, but after several experiments, she found the job is very meaningful, so far, Celia will take 15 hours per week of the time used to pay “hug”, charging amount is $80 per hour, just a year’s time,She has accumulated nearly 400000 yuan, and after have a harvest, ceci and leah said, they will carry on throughout the work actually in addition to the modern spirit of research, in the last century scientists had also been made to this experiment, for example, in 1959, American psychologist harlow did a famous “rhesus monkeys experiment”,He put a newborn rhesus monkeys in the cage, and there are two different space in their cages, respectively placed inside two “mother”, one of which is to use the wire, another is formulated by wool cloth with soft nap on the mother of the wire, is dedicated to the feeding equipment, and wool cloth with soft nap of mothers, there was nothing, according to the experimenter himself,These two instruments representing “the tender mother” and “cold” mother didn’t think of letting a person is, in the experiment to a month later, despite the plush mother what also have no, but the little monkey is often lying on its side to rest, unless they are ready to hungry ran to the wire mother milk drink, even when threatened by the outside world,This little monkeys will also come to plush mother to seek security through the experiment the harlow finally came to the conclusion that it is wool mother gave the little monkey is a kind of attachment and psychological support, this commonality is similar to that of a human since the childhood, that is to say, no matter to anyone, all need to have a warm soft body contact, so that we can make them grow up healthy,The in the mind to be more perfect and modern research has shown that, during the period of infants and young children, if parents give baby more touching and warm, so their body development and immunity will be greatly enhanced, even sleep will improve but recall that in addition to the babies and infants during the hug, how long do you have not received the warm comfort?In working the rhythm of life so quick, want a warm hug, has become a luxury thing at the beginning of the year, all of a sudden there is a girl in the subway station of hangzhou crying, her emotional breakdown because of work have to work overtime for a month in a row, was ready to rest on his birthday, but had received the boss to work overtime,After the girl’s encounter, the people around me can’t give her much help, can only silently send you a hug actually similar psychological chiropractor this occupation in domestic has formed, after the fire on the net free hugs is similar to form of comfort, but also its customers most is after 80, 90 young people,Visible now young people may not lack emotional life, but in the spiritual comfort is extremely lacking so if you also have such a person, might as well generous to give him a hug, let life full of warmth!