Tongliao city public security: rectification of bad money to expel the wind of good money

2022-05-04 0 By

The Tongliao Public Security Bureau upholds the concept of people-centered development, increases efforts to combat and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and enterprises, optimizes the business environment under the rule of law, and protects high-quality economic development.Tongliao City Public Security Bureau “no dead corner in management, no blind spot in combating counterfeiting, full coverage of supervision” as the goal, to address both the symptoms and root causes, strengthen anti-counterfeiting efforts, adhere to the “zero tolerance” of fake goods, constantly improve the social credit system, build a joint incentive and punishment mechanism, forcing enterprises to self-discipline, self-discipline industry.Over the past year, four cases involving 160 million yuan of counterfeit cigarettes have been detected.