Valentine’s Day perks?Xiao Zhan released off duty map

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As long as you’re with me, I’m happy.– Xiao Zhanxiao zhan, accompany you through two years, more and more tall and straight of you, is still my leisure all miss, wish you healthy, smooth!- Rain, tears, wind and sunshine Xiao Zhan release off work map!This is a valentine’s day bonus, right?I just saw someone say that Xiao Zhan took a dangerous road after work in order to avoid the shooting of the generation. He was worried about it, so he posted a picture to share. Is this a report of peace?I’ll take that as a yes.As we all know, Xiao Zhan into the group shooting new drama, even the New Year’s party are rarely see him, but the warm heart of xiao Zhan is to know that everyone is thinking of him, this is not, the new Xiao Zhan!In recent days, the temperature has dropped, and it has snowed in many places. From the photos posted by Xiao Zhan, you can see that he is wearing thick cotton-padded clothes. At first, even his chin and ears are hidden in the high collar.All the time, there are a lot of people like Xiao Zhan’s eyes, because his ruifeng eyes are charming and good-looking, especially the clean and clear eyes, as if there are stars of the sea, bright and dazzling.He was still the childlike Xiao Zhan, playing with snow and smiling like a child. He also said that in fact, it was rare to see snow in his hometown Chongqing, so it was quite strange to see snow for the first time in the north.I believe that people who like him hope to see his happy smile often, whether it is the vlog of daily meeting with Xiao Zhan released by the studio, or the photo of brand endorsement, even if Xiao Zhan occasionally posts selfies, everyone is very satisfied.Some people say, like is looking at your words and deeds, every twinkle and smile, even a little bit of short lens will be happy bubbling.Because you are all our leisure attention, will look forward to, will miss, will bless.I am the rain, tears and wind to share my mood with you.Pay attention to me, will share from time to time like Xiao Zhan’s article.As long as you still cherish the childlike innocence, you can find your own happiness from a married xiao Fei xia: I hope my happiness can stick to The spring breeze of Xiao Zhan. The simple and happy you are the best Xiao Zhan