Wang Meng became furious twice because of the same person: his face was green with anger and he was worried that he would be hit by a net

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Since the start of short track speed skating in the Winter Olympics, in addition to the two gold MEDALS won by The Chinese ice and snow athletes famous venues, the original women’s short track speed skating queen Wang Meng because of commentary fire circle, humorous words but strong professional, can be called commentary stand-up comedy.But her rare criticism of A Chinese short-track skater in the men’s 5,000-meter relay was the second such criticism since the Winter Olympics.The short track speed skating in the Winter Olympics is both beautiful and exciting. The competition is fierce under the high speed, and at the same time, because of the high number of accidents and fouls, the short track speed skating competition is full of various variables. Wang Meng repeatedly mentioned one thing in his commentary: anything can happen in short track speed skating.That’s the case.As in the men’s 1000m race, Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea had already started to celebrate his qualification for the final in the preliminary round, but was directly penalized by the referee after two minutes.In the final, Liu Shaolin of Hungary, who crossed the finish line first, not only lost the gold medal but also got a yellow card for two fouls.In the men’s 5000-meter relay, a medium-distance race, China was third in the final 1,000 meters and had every chance of winning a medal, but Wang meng’s worst fear was realized: Sun Long spun out of control on the slide, instantly leaving China in last place.Wang Meng, who always explained in a relaxed entertainment style, suddenly became serious. Huang Jianxiang, Zhou Yang and other three people in the studio were silent for more than 5 seconds.Finally, Huang Jianxiang broke the silence and put forward the topic awkwardly: let’s congratulate the Canadian team.For Sun long’s mistake, Wang Meng was a little incoherent, she said that she repeatedly stressed that it was good to keep the position, but sun Long’s own inexplicable mistake made all the efforts of the Chinese men’s team come to nothing.After the match, Huang Jianxiang asked Wang Meng to sum up the game. Wang Meng said that his face was green with Sun Long’s anger and he wanted to swear because he was too excited, but he could not say any more because there were too many audience in the broadcast room. He was afraid that the audience would attack Sun Long because of his commentary.It was not the first time for Sun Long to be publicly criticized by Wang Meng. When he was the head coach of the National speed skating team, Wang Meng took Sun Long to Germany to compete, but Wang Meng sent Sun Long back to the provincial team with a plane ticket.In the men’s 1500m heat of the Olympic Games, Sun Long made the same mistake again after many years. Wang Meng was furious in the broadcast room for the first time, thinking that Sun Long’s unprofessional attitude was a waste of national resources, if he had given Sun Long a big mouth on the spot.Now the men’s 5000 meters relay, Sun Long again low-level mistakes, Wang Meng is very angry, but can hear the language or more restrained.Born in 2000, Sun Long joined the Chinese short track Speed skating team in 2018. In 2019, Sun Long won his first individual title in men’s 1500m final at the China Cup Elite Short track Speed skating League in Beijing.In 2020, Sun long won the men’s 1,000m title at the World Junior Short track Speed Skating Championships.Overall, strength does not improve with age.I hope after this Winter Olympics, Sun Long will understand wang Meng’s good intentions and achieve better results.