Four sons-in-law in Anhui went to their mother-in-law’s house. Three of them talked about their careers, but the last son-in-law was too practical

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A few days ago, a netizen from Huangshan, Anhui province shared a video of a man cooking in the kitchen. It was seen that his movements were so skilled that he could easily handle a large spoon by himself.This ordinary scene, but let his wife infinite feeling.It turned out that the man had accompanied his wife to her mother’s home, and other sons-in-law came with him, but only the man busy in the kitchen.The wife explained that there were four sons-in-law who went to her mother-in-law’s house with her. The other three came home and began to talk about how big the construction site was and what luxury car they had bought.Her husband, a cook, had nothing in common with them and volunteered to work in the kitchen.But the husband doesn’t feel aggrieved, as cooking is both his profession and his hobby.Said a netizen comment hard offer good it’s no use, my daughter-in-law home occupy are basically I was busy to go, but his father-in-law on any occasion in my face, and drink the wine is flatter him that don’t come back once a year the Shanghai son-in-law have skill, several suites in Shanghai, he in Shanghai, what a good daughter…Some netizens also said: “This wife is not doing well, in this case to defend her husband, you two are a family, why let your husband do their bragging?If I’m here, the other three will help out in the kitchen if they pretend.Old ladies and old men are not happy, it is their own injustice, do not understand, this is their own suffering.Have to say, this is very realistic, in front of the family, money and no money will also draw 39.But how much ability to do how much work, dedication is good, better than doing nothing, talk about the people are much better.Remember a word, this life can accompany you to the end of life, not your friends, not your parents, not your relatives, can only be the person around you.What do you think?