Haikou City emergency management bureau continued to do a good job of work safety supervision during the Spring Festival

2022-05-05 0 By

Haikou Network on February 6 news (reporter Yunmengyi) On February 6, the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, Haikou City emergency Management Bureau in accordance with the relevant requirements, continue to carry out safety production supervision and inspection work.On the same day, the haikou city emergency management agency researcher wen-ming liu led, in hainan province maternity and child care beyond the new project sites and wanda ShengSheng jasmine hui supermarket the supervision of production safety inspection, inspect the need on duty during the Spring Festival, head of the unit, to carry out the safe production and fire-fighting measures, respond to emergencies in preparation for disposal.After the inspection, the inspection team requirements: one is to be careful as before, continue to do a good job during the Spring Festival, winter Olympics work safety implementation;Second, it is necessary to carry out the heart-centered education for employees who return to work after the Holiday, and implement the personnel, time, content and effect of “The first lesson of safety education for all” to ensure that the education is put into the mind and heart;Third, we should strengthen the investigation and rectification of safety risks after the holiday, eliminate safety risks and hidden dangers in the bud, to ensure that the New Year work safety start a good bureau, a good step.