I in the games when the referee | sea tuo mountain built “bird’s nest”

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On haituo Mountain, which is more than 2,000 meters above sea level and feels about minus 20 degrees Celsius, as a member of NTO (judge) of alpine skiing competition, we have cooperated closely with the Operation team of Nikolai Mountain in Russia for many consecutive days. In many competitions, such as downhill, giant slalom and slalom, we are like hardworking swallows building their nests with mud.Set up the starting area, set up the starting gate and the athletes starting tent.The NTO of the Ministry of Justice does not include the construction work, but due to the epidemic, according to the quarantine requirements of the Venues of the Winter Olympics, the installation workers were unable to attend the installation.In order to ensure the normal and smooth running of the competition, THE NTO (referee) took the initiative to undertake the construction task.For many people, putting up tents means taking a vacation from the concrete forest to enjoy life, but putting up tents in the cold winter Olympic stadium is a high-standard and high-consumption job that tests both physical and mental strength.Even with all the hardships and hardships, it is possible that “the north wind came all of a sudden and blew the tents away”.This is not, one of the women’s giant slalom “bird’s nest” was blown down by the wind of up to 16m/s.But the hardworking “swallows” were not discouraged, although they did not dare to roll up their sleeves to work in the cold weather, they immediately put on gloves and quickly smashed the bent iron pipe straight, bent joints straight, blew open the tarp, and rebuilt the “bird’s nest” step by step.Can blow away the tent, but never blow away the determination to overcome difficulties.In the competition, alpine skiers will start from the “bird’s nest” of giant slalom and slalom, like a bird flying out of the nest, together to the future.(Author: Jiang Qian, Changping District, Beijing) source: Rule of Law Daily – Rule of law net