Ju Jingyi’s appearance at the airport has caused a crowd of fans, but netizens are not expecting it

2022-05-05 0 By

Beijing (Reuters) – Ju Jingyi has joined the group of Chinese Paladin 4, and posted a photo of her at the airport, about to leave for Hengdian. The news has sparked heated debate on the Internet.In the photo, Ju Jingyi is wearing a denim shirt, shorts, boots, long hair and a beret. There is no doubt that Ju Jingyi is very beautiful. Wearing a mask, ju Jingyi cannot hide her good looks.Ju Jingyi has attracted a lot of fans since her appearance, and her popularity remains high.Chinese Paladin 4 is actually a game adaptation that has nothing to do with Chinese Paladin 1 and Chinese Paladin 3, and Chinese Paladin 4 has never been remade before. However, when netizens heard that Ju Jingyi will star in Chinese Paladin 4, many are upset.Still have the person bluntly, want a face-lifting face to play “celestial sword” series appropriate?Some people even joke that Ju Jingyi will play Xianjian. It is estimated that only her fans will watch the show, and people do not expect it at all.Last year, Ju Jingyi made several costume dramas, but her makeup is always semi-permanent, and her accessories on her head are like curtains, which makes people look very dramatic.Moreover, Ju Jingyi always has the same expression in her acting. She always looks so delicate and pitiful that it is hard to remember her roles.Some netizens compare ju Jingyi’s makeup in several TV dramas, but they can’t tell her apart. Ju Jingyi has acted in many different TV dramas, so people joke that ju Jingyi’s costume is not all the same. What is there to expect?Although “Celestial Sword 4” has nothing to do with “Celestial Sword 1” and “Celestial Sword 3”, it is natural for netizens to compare ju Jingyi’s appearance and acting skills to be compared because they are so classic.Last year, it was reported that Ju Jingyi will co-star with Chen Zheyuan in The upcoming Chinese drama “Xianjian 4”. Now, ju Jingyi has joined the group, but no official announcement has been made.Some netizens make fun of Ju Jingyi, but her dramas are stable, with scores ranging from 4.0 to 4.6, and will not exceed 4.6. Judging from Ju jingyi’s dramas in the past two years, it can be seen that Ju Jingyi is 3.6 (The Story of Jia Nan), 4.6 (Ruyi Fangfei) and 4.2 (Please Love Under the Full Moon).Netizens don’t like Ju Jingyi’s drama, actually it is because she has too much burden as an idol. Playing a female general on the battlefield, Ju Jingyi requires very delicate makeup, and those who don’t know think she is going to comic-con.So we hope ju jingyi will spend more time on her acting skills instead of just marketing her beauty. What do you think?