Nirvana Paradise is waiting for you!Ollie Ollie World is available now

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In a skateboarding utopia full of weird characters Private Division and Roll7 solemnly declare,The digital edition of the world Mr Obama forces are now landing Nintendo Switch ™, PlayStation ® 5, PlayStation ® 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One host and PC Steam.Developed by BAFTA and multi-award winning studio Roll7, this critically acclaimed skateboard action platformer marks a new direction for the popular Ollie Ollie series.In World of Ollie Ollie, players will flip and soar on a life-like, vibrant skateboard Island in search of a mysterious skateboarder god on their way to Nirvana.Ollie Ollie’s signature smooth gameplay allows players to achieve the perfect balance of focus and relaxation in a silky, dazzling glide with precise, fluid controls.The delectable and bizarre Skateboard Island is friendly to beginners, who can roam the streets without fear of falling flat on their backs, and master epic skateboarding moves as they navigate through various bizarre play areas.”Ollie Ollie World takes skateboarding’s most important aspects of diversity, freedom and fun very seriously,” said Simon Bennett, co-studio head of Roll7. “Because skateboarding is about inclusion and expression, we wanted Kule Island to be a place for new and experienced skateboarders.”There’s a lot of opportunity for expression in World of Ole Olli — the game has a wide variety of customization options that you can customize to be any character you want.Players can also choose and unlock a variety of poses, skateboard moves, costumes and gear to further enhance their personality.Michael Worosz, executive vice president and head of Private Division, said:”Combining an unrivalled art style, a smooth gameplay experience and a cool soundtrack that celebrates the love and support of skateboarding culture, The release of World of Ole Marks an exciting new start for Roll7, which recently joined the Private Division family.”In addition to the single-player story mode, World of Orion also includes two asynchronous multiplayer modes: Nirvana Paradise League and Nirvana Paradise Portal.Nirvana League is for players who enjoy daily challenges and want to prove their skateboarding skills.In a tournament, you compete with other players using similar skills to see who can get the highest score.As opponents level up, competitors can acquire (or enter) new character items, including skateboards, wheels, and other items.In The Nirvana Portal mode, players can generate initial levels based on their chosen style, difficulty, and duration.Each player-generated level has a unique 8-digit virtual zip code that can be shared with any player in the world, allowing players to compete for the highest score and share the results across platforms.