Peak return from 15:00 to 20:00 tomorrow!It’s a good way to get around traffic

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According to chongqing Expressway Group Network Corporation, the average daily traffic volume on Chongqing expressway network reached 1.707 million vehicles during the five-day Spring Festival holiday (January 31 to February 4), up 15.16% compared with the same period of the 2021 Spring Festival travel rush.The average daily traffic volume of entry-exit vehicles is 390,000 vehicles, 57.27% higher than the same period of the 2021 Spring Festival travel rush.It is expected that the peak one-day traffic flow during the Spring Festival holiday will be on February 6 (the sixth day of the lunar New Year), and the peak period of returning to the city will be from 15:00 to 20:00, when the traffic flow will reach 2.1 million vehicles.It is expected that some sections of the road network will be congested and slow due to the arrival of the return peak.G93 中 国 城 市 环 境 中 国 城 市 环 境 中 国 城 市 环 境 中 国 城 市 高速 -g5013 中 国 城 市 高速 -g65 baomao 高速 中 国 城 市 中 方向 往 往 往 往 往 至南 方 法 :By the exchange or double the nanchuan river mouth interchange shunt G65 BaoMao chongqing expressway adjacent segment into the city direction of lawn to G65 YuBei mainline toll stations alternate routes: the wangs toll road, sand and grass road, flat on the ramp way G75 LanHai chongqing section into the city direction xishan high-speed ping tunnel to G75 beibei mainline toll stations, city interchanges section to CAI home of alternate routes:G50 huashan tunnel to G50 Jiangbei main line tollstation bypass route: Changshu – S39 Yuchang double line – G50 Jiangbei main line tollstation G85 Silver Kunming expressway Chongqing Guangduan Sanhui to Jingguan bypass route:G93 chengyu Loop Line Chengyu section Baishi Yi Interchange to Zhongliangshan tunnel bypass route: Yongchuan – Xiaokan interchange – S5 Nine yong high-speed – S5 Gaoxin South – Huafu tunnel G5021 Shiyu high-speed Xinmiao interchange to Chadian interchange route:Vehicles in the fork river interchange to the south of the two high-speed diversion suggested that the company by friends in advance planning trip, as far as possible wrong peak travel.The weather department reminded that it is expected to drop in temperature and rain during the night of May 5 to the day of June 6. Please drive carefully when driving on the expressway, keep the distance between cars, and do not overtake, change lanes, and occupy the emergency lane illegally.Tips to strengthen prevention and control of self health management, such as fever (37.3 ℃ or higher), dry cough, fatigue, sore throat and a stuffy nose, runny nose, smell, taste) sleep loss, diarrhea and other symptoms, should wear a face mask, in a timely manner to the nearby hospital fever outpatient service seeing a doctor, take the initiative to inform travel history and contact, in the process of medical treatment to avoid taking public transportation.Chongqing traffic Police issued by Chongqing