Surprised!Danger!Her love!Short track team wins China’s first gold medal at Beijing Winter Olympics!

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China’s Wu Dajing (1st r) celebrates after their match in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 5, 2019.Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Lei according to Xinhua News Agency Beijing On February 5 (reporter Zhang Han Wang Junbao Yue Ran Ran) 10 meters, 5 meters, 1 meters…People’s hearts were in their mouths.Wu Dajing seemed to smell the imminent danger of the Italian players, struggling forward, but his legs seemed to be stuck to the ice.”Wow!”Loud cheers rang out in the capital stadium.Wu Dajing defended China’s dominance in the short-track mixed team relay final on Sunday night, securing the first gold medal for the Chinese sports delegation at the much-anticipated Beijing Winter Olympics.Two minutes, 37 seconds, 348!China won its 11th Winter Olympic gold medal by a razor’s edge.It was a final that gave all the witnesses an adrenaline rush.The first shot was recalled and the second shot was refired, with Fan starting in third place. Two and a half laps later, Qu took the baton and chased it all the way to the lead with her baton exchange with Ren Ziwei.With seven laps to go, the Canadian and Hungarian teams got into a tangle and both teams fell off the track. The last few laps turned into a “duet” between China and Italy, with China’s advantage once very clear.However, this was not the end of a thrilling night as the Italians continued to close the gap as they battled for the gold medal in the new event, culminating in the breathless pietro Sigel chasing Wu dajing.In 2:37.364, Italy finished second because it was barely visible to the naked eye.Canada was disqualified for foul play and Hungary finished third in 2:40.900.The hearts of the audience were tested more than once that day.In the semifinals, the Chinese team in group 2 failed to advance to the top two.But after a long wait, the Russian Olympic team’s athletes were judged to have obstructed China’s baton route and the US team was also ruled to have committed a foul, sending China and Hungary through to the final.