What is a data card

2022-05-05 0 By

Flow card stands for “Internet of Things card”.1. The iot card is provided by the operator for the iot service enterprise and is used for the networking of intelligent terminal devices.It is sold in bulk only to corporate users.It is widely used in bicycle sharing, mobile payment, smart city, vending machine and other fields.It does not apply to individual users.The hardware and appearance are identical to normal SIM cards, and are loaded with special functions for smart hardware and iot devices.2. The operation of the iot card requires a unified network.Typically, carriers open a “flow pool” for each business after selling iot cards to corporate entities.Operators can manage, control and even locate iot cards in the background.Once the traffic in the “traffic pool” is exhausted and the enterprise does not renew the fee in time, the operator will make the Internet of Things card unable to connect to the network through the background management.3. Although the issuance, sale and purchase of iot cards have verified the real names of corporate users, a large number of “unauthenticated” iot cards are still purchased on the market, which makes them subject to certain security risks.The large number of iot cards circulating on the market not only makes it easier for non-enterprise users to use, but also complicates the management of iot cards.