Zhejiang Yiwu, central city this section, open traffic!

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County front Street (Baolian Street – chouzhou Road) opened recently, county front street (Baolian Street – Chouzhou road) officially opened to traffic.The section of Xianqian Street (Baolian Street – Chouzhou Road), with a total length of 400 meters, is part of the municipal road renewal as an organic renewal supporting project in the urban core area.The core area ground traffic organization, open to further optimize the stay of xian qian street south delay after the completion of the project will effectively through public plaza and the wujiang river of the pedestrian space, become a city for the slow walking space and urban public activities of the main shaft, and the fusion of multiple plot around underground space, implementing the resources sharing, parking underground fusion of three-dimensional urban space form the ground.In the face of difficulties such as tight construction period, heavy tasks and complex construction scenes, the project management team overcame numerous difficulties through reasonable planning of construction process, inverted work plan, arrangement of multiple shifts and other methods, and finally completed the construction task before the Spring Festival, providing guarantee for the convenience of citizens’ travel.”The recent rain, caused a greater impact on the construction, we will prepare the material on the site, construction personnel on standby, as soon as the rain stops, the site of more than 30 staff from day to night, with 10 hours to finally complete the asphalt laying.”Project site director said.In 2021, the city investment group efficiently promote municipal projects, striving, rushed to challenge, forge ahead, strive to break through “contexts” urban development, improve the urban traffic network pattern, the cumulative new city road 8.8 kilometers, 15.3 kilometers, to dead end highway 3, complete the grass pond, the route, along the way city shop south road until 7 municipal road construction,Four roads, including Dadong Road and Xicheng Road, were renovated, and key municipal projects, such as Mall Avenue, Airport Road and underground ring road, were advanced rapidly.Strive for a new journey, and a new chapter of the concentric spectrum.In 2022, the Group will spare no effort to accelerate the construction of livelihood projects, deepen and implement “three services” 2.0, and strive to create a batch of high-quality projects that people are satisfied with, boost the rapid development of the city, and make the new picture of a better life more vivid!Source: Urban Development Corporation huang Cong