A 16-year-old girl who went missing in Shandong province left a note to write down where she was

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A 16-year-old girl surnamed Li left a note saying she was in a village in Qingdao, Shandong province, and ran away from home.On February 17, red Star news reported that a volunteer said her body had been found by sonar in the river in li’s village, about a kilometer from her home.On Feb. 18, police at The Rizhuang police station of the Laixi Public Security Bureau responded that the girl “was found and passed away.”Confirmed that the missing girl’s body has been recovered.Li’s father, Surnamed Li, said his daughter left a note at home saying she was in the river in their village and hoped her father would see the paper and take her home.He recalled that his daughter wore a black down jacket and white sneakers and did not take any personal belongings with her.Mr. Li said that he raised Li Mou Xue alone for several years, although the child’s character defects, and his temper, but not to run away from home.This time, Mr Li does not understand the reason why Li Mou Xue ran away, before this two people did not have any quarrel, discord.Found Li Mou xue is not at home, Mr. Li is very worried about the child’s situation, especially after seeing that note.He said it was the first time he had encountered such a situation and asked netizens to help him find his child.The local Lacey Red Cross Rescue team heard about it on the news and went to the police department on Feb. 17 to help with the search.With approval, they followed the clues in the girl’s note to the river.The river is deep and frozen in winter, complicating search efforts.Rescue teams brought out specialized sonar exploration equipment to search the river.One kilometer away from Li’s home, they found traces of broken ice on a frozen river.They searched the area, and after about half an hour, they found a woman’s body.After comparing clothes, they feel very sorry, confirmed that the body is missing three days of the girl Li Mou snow.After the body was identified, the police said they would immediately notify Mr Li to go to the scene for confirmation.As for the family’s response, li Jingjiu, the head of the rescue team, said he could not give too much information and the family had been reluctant to speak out on the matter.The tragedy is irreversible. Netizens have expressed regret and heartache about the young girl’s death.Some netizens guess that Li mou Xue’s single-parent family environment, lack of care, resulting in her psychological problems, so hard;Some netizens think that children are under too much pressure, busy with their studies, and have a lot of troubles in interpersonal communication. If not solved, children may have extreme ideas.Some netizens also think that adolescents are sensitive and may have an insurmountable gap with their fathers, and cannot be guided.It is not clear exactly what caused Lee’s death, but it requires joint efforts from families, schools and society to prevent similar tragedies from happening again.Part of the material is from Red Star news, Yu Video, ynet