A woman in Beijing bought sugar oranges. The boss said it was less than 20 jin, but in fact it was only 13 jin. Isn’t that a big difference?

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Recently, a woman in Beijing went to the supermarket to buy sugar oranges, a box of 70 yuan, when she asked the boss how many catties a box, the boss only said: less than 20 catties.After waiting to buy back, only to find this sentence less than 20 catties contain universe.The woman thought, 70 yuan a box, although the boss said less than 20 catties, that at least there is a 178catties, the average down is also three pieces more than a catty, relatively speaking is not very expensive.The woman then moved the home a box, children especially love to eat the sugar orange, to eat for two, but the woman think of less than 20 jins, the boss said the brain a hot said she just want to say one, look at this one case has multiple, but after she said, received thoroughly, the boss said less than 20 jins, wasn’t she imagined and ShiQiBaJin, only 13 pounds, actually.This is a bit too much, less than 20 catties, no matter how can not only 13 catties, if only 13 catties, the boss directly said less than 15 catties on the line, so that others can at least accept, but the difference of 7 catties, the gap is too big.So the woman moved the whole box of sugar oranges back to the supermarket to ask the boss for an explanation, but the boss said he did not say wrong ah, originally said less than 20 kilograms.Angry woman can not listen to the boss so quibble, the boss refund, perhaps afraid of the woman’s anger to affect the store’s business, the boss finally returned 70 yuan to her.I think the boss of this kind of behavior, in fact, is a kind of consumer fraud.The boss must have a good idea of the goods he sells. The 13 catties of things are falsely reported as less than 20 catties, which is completely playing a word game.If the boss according to this statement, he can also say less than 50 jin, less than 100 jin, less than a ton, anyway, the range is far more than the actual weight, but as long as he added “less than” two words, he is not wrong.But in our real life, we are used to a “rounding” calculation method, the actual weight is only 13 jin, we will not say less than 20 jin no matter what, can only say less than 15 jin, if the actual weight is 17 or 8 jin, said less than 20 jin, others can accept.Business cultured is honesty, I believe that after this time the woman never again to the supermarket to buy fruits, if she can to her relatives and friends about this time, so there will be more people to the supermarket to buy any product, no longer for the boss, a breach for yourself caused a huge loss,And want to restore their reputation, that I am afraid it will take a long time, the result is not worth the gain!Through this thing also gave us consumer to carry a wake up, to actual weight is not clear thing, still want to ask clear first good, if ask not clear really, that oneself weigh weigh weigh weigh, calculate carefully to delimit after all come delimit not to come, avoid oneself to bear a few unnecessary loss.What do you think happened to this woman?