Driver of gantry crane for China-Europe freight train: 1.8 minutes to catch a 30-ton “doll”

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Chongqing, January 28 (Xinhua) –Zheng Yushuang, 32, was clutching two black control handles with her hands, her back slightly bent, her head and eyes facing downward, just like an eagle ready to dive, looking for a suitable point and opportunity.A few seconds later, as he forcefully pressed a button, a huge yellow “claw” fell slowly from the sky.Finally, when the claw managed to grab the target in the center of his pupil, he relaxed completely.It’s a scene that zheng plays out hundreds of times a day in his work.As a gantry crane driver at The Chongqing Central Station of China Railway Union, Zheng describes his job as a hardcore version of “catching dolls”.Except instead of a stuffed animal, his target is a 30-ton container.In addition, Zheng’s “game room” is only 2 square meters, 16 meters above the ground.He had to climb six revolving stairs to get there.Because the station was open and open, he sometimes had to go up in the wind and rain.Despite the challenges, Zheng has been the “best player” of the “game” since he started working there in 2010.Tuanjiecun station, where he works, is the starting point of the China-Europe freight train in Chongqing. Every day, a large number of goods gather here, waiting to be shipped to all parts of Europe.Zheng works eight hours a day and can load and unload more than 2,000 containers a month.Loading and unloading a container takes about two to three minutes for others, but Zheng only needs about 1.8 minutes.”I attended a six-month training course in Dalian before officially operating the gantry crane.My skills have improved over the years as the number of containers on the China-Europe rail line has increased.”Mr. Zheng said that when he first started his job, he often felt bored sitting in the small room because there was not much cargo to load and unload.But then he went from 60 containers a day to 250, loading and unloading as many as 350 containers a night.In addition to the increase in quantity, Zheng has also witnessed a change in the category of goods.In the beginning, only electronic products such as printers and laptops were exported from here. Now toys, clothes and milk powder are commonplace.Containers containing medical supplies such as masks and gloves have also been sent to European countries following the COVID-19 outbreak.In 2021, as the first cross-provincial cooperative China-Europe train brand in China, china-Europe Train (Chengdu-Chongqing) has more than 4,800 converted trains in total, accounting for about 30% of the total number of trains in China.The China-Europe Freight Train (Chengdu-Chongqing) has transported more than 400,000 TEUs (teUs), of which more than 50% are returned. The route has reached hundreds of European cities.Zheng yushuang was proud to see the report card of the China-Europe train service.”Thinking about the goods going to Europe, I feel a sense of fulfillment in this job.During the Spring Festival holiday, I also chose to stick to my job and make a modest contribution to the smooth operation of the China-Europe freight train.””Zheng said.(after)