Ex-servicemen are the most “calm” takeaway riders

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Do your homework do your homework know the map by heart Ex-soldier become the most “calm” food delivery rider Hanchi Lau on his way to deliver food.At 6 o ‘clock in the morning on March 31, the streets of Taihe Li in Hongshan district were streaking with mist and cold rain. Liu Hanchi, a rider of Meitan takeout, put on his raincoat, turned the electric switch of his electric car and began his day’s distribution work.Nearly three years after joining the company, he has become the rider with the fewest traffic violations in his team. Within half a year, he did not record any traffic violations such as running a red light or driving on the wrong side of the road, and was jokingly called the “star” rider by his colleagues.■ Name has “late” do not panic rain, single volume than usual, at noon liu Han late within an hour to send 6 single, although the time is relatively tight, but he did not speed, “to the business and road are very familiar with the first do not have to wait too long for the meal, and then according to the familiar route, no overtime.”After 1:30 p.m., after the rush hour, Mr. Liu belatedly ordered a 16-yuan dish of shredded pork with green peppers at a small fried restaurant near the Taiheli station.When he sat down, he took off his helmet and mask. His soft hair lay limp on top of his head. A large cyan birthmark was visible on his left temple, leaving a mask mark on his round face.Liu hanchi, from Hong ‘an County, Huanggang City, is the third child in his family. His parents gave him a name with the Chinese character “Chi”, which just fits his personality. He does things in a calm manner and speaks slowly.But three years ago because of the failure of his business, he became a need to beat the clock rider, in order to make himself easy to cope with, he did a lot of “homework.”In order to get familiar with the route, he often studied the map on his mobile phone to see which road had more traffic lights. At about 10 PM, he even walked around the site to find out how many doors there were in the neighborhood he was not familiar with and which door would be quicker to enter.Slowly, which building in the community is closest to which door, which restaurant is slow, which intersection is more cars…He knows his way around, and these lessons help him slow down on the road.Liu hanchi spent five years in the army, where he was constrained by self-discipline and discipline.No matter how busy he is, he makes his bed and flattens the sheets when he gets up in the morning. He also checks his battery the day before and the weather the next day to prepare himself well.”There are so many cars on the road and the road conditions are so complicated that accidents are easy to happen in a hurry.”Liu hanchi said, once, there was a shallow pit on the road, he did not see, even people and cars fell to the ground, fortunately, the reaction was timely, but the knee was knocked, he checked the takeout box at the first time, fortunately, the delivery was fruit, there was no big problem, but I still feel a little afraid.When he calls his parents, he says, the most they talk about is safety. “They don’t have high expectations for me, they just want me to be safe.”After that, he was very careful.S “has a steady income, again painstakingly again tired, also is not afraid of” the age of 18, Liu Hanchi signed, five years after the war, Liu Hanchi came to wuhan, once a coolie in site, worked in sales, in 2018 he and a friend business, set up a small company, hiring help sell apartments, because of lack of experience, a year later, insolvency, he and his friend,They hit a fight, “not to talk about”, in retrospect, Liu Hanchi waved his hands do not want to recall.Not only did he break up with his friends, but he also owed tens of thousands of dollars in debt.He admitted that he was under a lot of pressure at that time, did not dare to toss, toss can not afford.At that time, I saw the news in the media that the takeaway riders earn ten thousand yuan a month, and he went right away.”Sometimes I would go out at 5 am and run until the middle of the night. When I was high, I could earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, or 7,000 yuan a month on average.”Mr. Lau says delivery riders have a freer work life.What’s more, working as a rider brings him a steady income that supports his debts.”The happiest thing is to see the salary arrive, as long as it can make life better, no matter how hard and tired I am.”In order to save money, he lived in the company dormitory at 400 yuan a month, and kept his spending at 1 to 2,000 yuan a month, including meals. After two years, he finally paid off his debt.■ “I have to pay the monthly mortgage every month, so I run the single more diligently.”All he could tell himself was to hang in there and get warmer.Such suffering lasted for some time, but soon, Liu adjusted his mentality, “do any line of work has a hard side, just bite the bullet and get through it.”One day during the summer, he took a list and climbed to the sixth floor without a break.The woman who opened the door saw him sweating profusely, told him to wait, turned to the refrigerator, took a bottle of cold drink and handed it to him, saying: “You worked hard!”The first time he encountered such a client, all he could do was say thank you, which moved him for a long time.There are many warm thoughts like this, which is also a motivation to support him to stick to it.Slowly hand with savings, plus the support of parents, last year, he spent more than 100,000 yuan down payment, in the hometown of Huanggang City Hong ‘an county to buy more than 110 square meters of house, 2023, “a monthly monthly offer, I run single more diligent point.”Liu hanchi said with a smile.”The biggest hope now is to find a girlfriend and set up a small home of my own.”Source: Changjiang Daily