In 2021, the municipal major projects will complete investment of 409.3 billion yuan, 15.8 percent more than the annual plan

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On February 6, Chongqing Daily learned from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission that in 2021, the municipal major projects completed investment of 409.3 billion yuan, 15.8 percent more than the annual plan, better to achieve the “14th Five-Year” major project work off the ground, the goal of a good start.In the key areas of work, scientific and technological innovation, Chengdu-Chongqing Shuangcheng Economic Circle, urban upgrading and industrial upgrading completed investment of 37 billion yuan, 29 billion yuan, 213.2 billion yuan and 60.3 billion yuan respectively, accounting for 131.8%, 112.4%, 115.6% and 110.8% of the annual plan respectively, with a total investment of 339.5 billion yuan.Accounting for 83% of municipal major projects, leading and driving significant role.From the implementation of municipal major projects, there are four obvious trends.1) Scientific and technological innovation was vigorously promoted.Focusing on the construction of “new infrastructure”, Chongqing has accelerated the development of the Chongqing Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Big Science Center for Germplasm Creation in the upper Reaches of the Yangtze River.We accelerated the establishment of a “1+N” industrial Internet identification and analysis system, registering 6.02 billion signs and resolving 3.17 billion times.We intensified the planning and construction of key demonstration projects in 5G integration applications, and 70,000 5G base stations have been put into use.Second, the construction of chengdu-Chongqing Twin cities economic circle was carried out steadily.Chongqing continued to deepen sichuan-Chongqing cooperation projects, and completed the Nanchong to Tongnan expressway, the Luzhou to Yongchuan expressway, the Guangan transit East ring Road and the Chongqing-Guangzhou expressway branch line.Construction began on 23 projects, including Chongqing Western Electronic circuit Industrial Park and Xitong Ethylene oxide Industrial Cooperation Park.3) The distribution of modern industries was accelerated.The demonstration and driving role of industrial projects in electronics, automobiles, materials and other fields in The city has been enhanced. 24 municipal major industrial projects, including the 6th generation AMOLED(flexible) production line in Liangjiang New Area, Yongchuan Yadi Electric Motorcycle vehicle and supporting parts Industrial Park, and Fuling HDI Circuit Board Phase II with an annual output of 6 million square feet, have been completed and put into use.Fourth, we will improve the quality and efficiency of urban renewal.Chongqing has strengthened urban upgrading and urban renewal, with smooth progress in the improvement of ten public Spaces in the central city, including the supporting project of chongqing East Railway Station comprehensive transportation hub.The development of changjiahui, Guangyang Island, Science City, hub port, Wisdom Park, art Bay and other urban functions was accelerated.Construction has begun on the four planned lines of the fourth phase of rail transit, and the first phase of Line 9 has officially opened for initial operation.Middle line chengdu-chongqing high-speed railway construction, the launch of the yuxiang high-speed railway, the high-speed railway projects such as pushing ChengDa million, chongqing commercialisation of each period of high-speed railway and Wan Kaida highway construction, three-ring highway line, double line yu qian highway, ouchi highway, highway of chongqing Ann section at the same time open to traffic,Soshui, Caijia, Lijia Jialing River bridge and Tuzhu Zhongliangshan tunnel were opened to traffic ahead of schedule.In addition, 532 major projects (project packages) specifically implemented in the outline of Chongqing’s “14th Five-year Plan” cover eight major areas, including scientific and technological innovation, infrastructure, modern industry, urban upgrading, rural revitalization, cultural development, ecological protection and restoration, and social livelihood and governance.By the end of 2021, 233 of 532 major construction projects had been launched, 20 of which were completed and put into operation or put into trial operation, with a total investment of 310 billion yuan.Chongqing also has 8 projects included in the national “14th Five-Year Plan” outline. Currently, 4 projects have started construction, and the other 4 projects are actively advancing the preliminary work.