Japan is the land of human origin?Japanese archaeology made a big joke, the government became angry and banned archaeology

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Japan is the original land of human origin?From the 1980s, news of refreshing cognition constantly appeared in the Archaeological field of Japan: the history of Japan was pushed to 40,000 years ago, 400,000 years ago, 800,000 years ago, even more than China!This news, let Japan up and down into the carnival.But 20 years later, the Japanese government banned archaeological work in the country!What the hell is going on here?Is Japan’s history really that long?Feel free to like and comment on my favorites.Does Japanese archaeology surpass Chinese history?In 1981, at the excavation site of “A scattered wooden site” in Iwiziyama town, Hiijo Prefecture, when all the archaeologists were buried in excavating, a young man named Shinichi Fujimura held up a stone tool in his hands with an excited expression on his face.And the archeological experts around have also surrounded by the past, the expression on the face of surprise.Isn’t it just a rock?Why are Japanese archaeologists so excited?This is because at that time, The Japanese archaeological authority speculated that the surface age of the “Zangluogi site” was about 40,000 years ago. If we can dig out some traces of the existence of ancient humans here, it means that Japan’s 30,000 years of history can be directly advanced 10,000 years.This stone tool unearthed by Shinichi Fujimura proves the existence of Japan 40,000 years ago!After the Japanese fossils saw this stone tool, many Japanese archaeologists were so excited, thinking that they might also be able to dig out more stone tools from this site, directly advancing the history of Japan from the lower Paleolithic to the middle Paleolithic.But the strange thing is, no matter how hard these archaeologists try, they can’t dig up the kind of stone tools That Shinichi Fujimura excavated.Shinichi Fujimura, on the other hand, went on to dig a total of 48 stone tools in different parts of the site, plus the original stone, 49 middle Paleolithic stone tools, and this captured the attention of the whole country, and the whole Japanese people cheered.Japanese stone tools and Fujimura shinichi after the performance, is to meet the National psychology of the Japanese.In 1984, shinichi Fujimura, who had dug up 40,000-year-old stone tools at the Jamasaki site, unearthed 170,000-year-old stone tools, catapulting Japan’s history to the Upper Paleolithic period.But this time, the whole country was even more excited. The archaeological community highly respected the new archaeologist, and the newspapers were full of stories.In 1993, Shinichi Fujimura unearthed a stone tool used by ancient people 400,000 years ago;In 1994 and 1995, Shinichi Fujimura discovered stone tools dating back 500,000 and 600,000 years.In 1999, Shinichi Fujimura found stone tools dating back 700,000 years from the Upper Taksen site.In the history of Archaeology in Asia, 700,000 years ago is a special time, because the skull of Peking man excavated in China is 710,000 years ago, that is to say, the history of Japan is likely to surpass that of China.And Mr. Fujimura has said he believes Japan’s history is not just 700,000 years old, but could even be a million years old.In the late 1990s, his work was included in Japanese textbooks and he became the first Japanese archaeologist.Japan’s history, from 30,000 years to 170,000 years, 400,000 years to 700,000 years, is now completely ahead of Our country.Is Japan’s history really that impressive?Every time Shinichi Fujimura arrived at the site, he was able to dig up stone tools that advanced Japan’s history. Shinichi Fujimura was also called the “hand of God” by the Japanese, meaning he could always find archaeological discoveries that no one else could.At first, the Japanese archaeological community was complacent about this, thinking that Japan could finally surpass China, but over time, the archaeological community for Fujimura’s actions began to be confused.Why is shinichi Fujimura the only one to find these stone tools?Ancient people should have used stone tools evenly distributed in the same area, so why did Shinichi Fujimura always find something when other archaeologists found nothing?Second, archaeologists found that the stone tools found by Shinichi Fujimura were generally flat and clean, and the stone tools were buried in a relatively shallow stratum. Could it be that the previous archaeological experts could not find them?After all, Fujimura Shin-ichi archaeological sites are usually excavated more than twice.The third problem is that Shinichi Fujimura is not a professional archaeologist.After the word archaeology, carry out from the west, an archaeological hot in Japan, but Japan’s domestic majoring in archaeology, so in order to promote enterprise, the Japanese authorities will allow some amateur archaeologist to join, and a new initial fujimara digging holes is to the identity of the volunteers participated in the “scattered wooden sites”,And found stone tools dating back 40,000 years.But when some of Japan’s leading scholars in archaeology raised these questions, they were put off by the fanatical Japanese people, and the fans of Shinichi Fujimura.Some say shinichi Fujimura didn’t make any previous discoveries because he was an amateur exam worker. But when he discovered the 40,000-year-old stone tools, he quit his job to concentrate on archaeology, so he made more discoveries.Stone tools and people said, no matter whether these stone tools are found by Fujimura Shinichi, can show that the history of Japan can be promoted to hundreds of thousands of years ago, a long history of a country is a good thing, these pick Fujimura Shinichi Japanese scholars, is not patriotic?Don’t you want Japan to have a longer history?With such a big hat buckled down, which Japanese scholars dare to speak out?Therefore, no matter how much these Japanese scholars doubt life, Fujimura Shinichi is more and more publicity, the Japanese government, the Japanese people are on Fujimura Shinichi’s behavior by default, and Japanese textbooks also on his behavior more publicity.However, counterfeits are always overturned one day, and in 2000, Fujimura Shinichi was able to excavate so many ancient stone tools mystery, finally solved.It was a huge scandal in Japanese archaeological history!Archaeological site false can never be true, Fujimura Xinichi to Japan to bring brilliant archaeological results, the original is all false.So, fujimura Shinichi, why on earth can deceive the entire Japanese archaeological community nearly 20 years?Ridiculous fake in November 2000, there is a Japanese TV, for Fujimura new one how archaeology, it is too curious, so ahead of time in Fujimura new one to go to the archaeological site, set up the invisible video, want to fujimura new one whole archaeological process shot down, go back to do the front page headlines.But the reporter did not think of is that the invisible camera actually shot a shocking scene, the original night before, Fujimura Shinichi came to the archaeological site, and then with some stones, skilled action to bury it in the soil, and then the land leveling, do not dig the appearance.The next day, Shinichi Fujimura casually dug out the stone he had buried in advance and claimed it was a stone tool from 1 million years ago.False scene but Fujimura Shinichi fantasy, the envy of others did not appear, but full of contempt, finally the Japanese police took Fujimura Shinichi away.And after this scandal was exposed, the whole Japanese archaeology community also couldn’t lift its head, Fujimura Shinichi in 1981 first discovered 40,000 years ago stone tools, has been lying.Ninety-nine percent of the excavations that Shinichi Fujimura participated in were fakes, artifacts that he forged.That is to say, the latest history discovered in Japan is the traces of ancient people 30,000 years ago, the so-called 40,000 years ago, 600,000 years ago, 700,000 years ago, completely nonsense.Japanese archaeologists have been busy for 20 years and have done nothing.In addition, Japanese history textbooks were forced to delete information related to Fujimura, and the people who had been supporting Fujimura were also reviled.Japan see you may have a doubt, this new from fujimara digging holes in archaeological this line to start with the bad state of mind, he just wanted to mark world through archaeological it, and the new fujimara digging holes is an archaeological amateur, he didn’t understanding of archaeological experts so deep, but why Japanese experts of archaeology, could be fool for 20 years,And nobody caught him faking it?On the one hand, because the Japanese nationalism, many Japanese people believe that Japan is the world’s most powerful country, the history of Japan also should be the best in the world history, a new behavior, fujimara digging holes well meet the needs of the Japanese, the Japanese happy, nature also can’t imagine, this turned out to be a hoax.Japanese cultural relics on the other hand, this was also due to the lax inspection of the archaeological community at that time. At that time, the archaeologists hastily assumed that the stone tools excavated from the strata of 40,000 years ago should be 40,000 years old, without much examination of the stone tools themselves.In itself, allowing amateur archaeologists to participate in excavations is particularly unprofessional.Later, In addition to bowing to the public to apologize, Fujimura shin-ichi also cut off his index and middle fingers to apologize. The Japanese government at that time considered him mentally unstable, and finally sent him to a mental hospital for treatment with bipolar disorder. Later, Japan even banned domestic archaeological activities.This scam just calculate finally come to an end curtain, now think of, the Japanese government this “archaeology” is really ridiculous to extreme.Feel free to like and comment on my favorites.