Most of the Lantern Festival snow in Heilongjiang province!To enjoy “Snow Lanterns on the 15th day of the first Lunar Month”

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On The 14th, the reporter of leading news · Life daily learned from the meteorological department that on the night of 15th (Lantern Festival), most of our province had snow falling, and we could enjoy “the 15th day of the first lunar month snow playing lanterns”.Other areas for the cloudy weather, can enjoy colorful clouds cover the moon, colorful clouds with lanterns.In the middle and east of Heihe, Yichun, north of Suihua, Harbin, most of Qiqihar, west of Hegang, west of Jiamusi, qitaihe, west of Jixi, mudanjiang, cloudy snow, hard to see the full moon, west of Jixi, east of Mudanjiang local snow, no chance to see the moon.”August 15 clouds cover the moon, the fifteenth day snow lights” whether there is a causal relationship?According to the statistical data of “August 15th cloud covers the moon” and “January 15th snow lights” in the history of 13 cities in Heilongjiang Province, there is no good corresponding relationship.In 2021, the Mid-Autumn Festival (September 21) night weather shows that most of Heilongjiang will have rain, among which Qiqihar, Hegang, Jimusi, Jixi, Shuangyashan, Daqing and Harbin all present the phenomenon of auspicious clouds covering the moon. It is “August 15 clouds covering the moon”. According to the forecast of 2022 Lantern Festival (February 15),The above areas except Daqing and Shuangyashan are basically snow showers, large cloud cover, difficult to see the full moon.In this way, last year’s “August 15 clouds cover the moon” and this year’s “snow on the fifteenth day of the lantern” finally to go up.But heilongjiang province meteorological service center, according to meteorological service chief Liu Yanhua proverb mean: “cloud cover month” and “snow lights” reflects the cold air activity, but who can guarantee that must be on time, snow also need water, warm moist air flows or cooperate, therefore, “on August 15 clouds”, not necessarily for lights, “” the fifteenth day of the snow.On The 15th, the body temperature in Harbin, Heihe and Yichun was less than -19℃, so it was cold. It was appropriate to wear thick cotton clothes, thick cotton hats and snow boots, and keep warm.The body temperature in other areas is -15 ~ -19℃, which is suitable for wearing thick cotton-padded clothes, hats and shoes.Copyright: Reprint in any form without permission is prohibited