New changes in standardization | Hengnan Huaqiao Town: solid promotion of urban and rural governance, the environment looks brand-new

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The newly built road into the village is lined with yellow flowers.Huaqiao town urban and rural governance standardization results show a thriving scene everywhere.Rednet moment correspondent Xu Bingcheng reporter Wang Min Hengyang reported to further improve the production and living environment of the people of the flower bridge, in-depth implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, Hengnan County flower bridge town solid and effective implementation of urban and rural governance standardization work, town, village two levels of comprehensive action, the environment looks brand-new.Came to the town of Flower bridge is the first thing you see is clean streets, parked vehicles, orderly traffic, these are traffic regulation, cleaning up psoriasis and other work credit, along the street to the depth of the farmers’ market, it is market day, people flow, trade.After the rectification, the farmers’ market has a complete range of goods, obvious product divisions, perfect monitoring equipment, and convenient garbage disposal, which has improved the “vegetable basket” of huaqiao people, and has been praised for this work.Gaoxin Village nearest to Huaqiao Street, which was rated as a municipal model village, is always faster and more efficient in its work.The newly built basketball court inspires the sports enthusiasm of the surrounding residents. Children and adults have no age gap, and all sweat like rain here. A basketball allows them to pull into the distance and feel the happiness of sports.In addition, rape flowers are in full bloom in March, and the newly built road into the village is lined with yellow flowers on both sides. In the evening, people walk in the sea of flowers with the sunset glow and the smell of fresh flowers, feeling full of happiness brought by rural revitalization.Nearby Maiyuan village in rural governance standardization work to implement “face, inside the child” two-pronged.The first is to do the “face” of the beautiful countryside, planting green plants on both sides of the road, adding vitality to the originally bare road, repairing the old houses and improving the living environment.Second, do a good job in rural “lizi”, build cultural square, improve infrastructure, enrich villagers’ spiritual and cultural life, will effectively promote the extensive and in-depth development of national construction activities, become an important position for rural cultural publicity.The standardization effect of urban and rural governance in Huaqiao town is beginning to show, and there is a thriving scene everywhere. The masses feel the new changes in Huaqiao Town more and more, and everything is getting better and better, and it has changed to the heart of the masses.It is reported that the next stage of flower bridge town will be targeted at illegal scaffolding chaos attack, carry out demolition special rectification action, continue to consolidate and expand the “three qing three construction” work, and strive to make flower bridge town into a happy, beautiful and pleasant township.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: