New coronavirus drugs rose for 3 days in a row!Index up weak, is it to call back?

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A-share market rally for 3 days this week, three indices have appeared signs of recover from A line above all back into 5, rose 3 consecutive division of internal funds is larger, the performance of some investors are more up the sell, some investors are buying out into, while to cow elder brother is waiting for “h.” waiting game model,Because more than 10 years of experience in the stock market has taught me: “Never judge the height of the market rally, just go with the trend.”Statistics from the China Rare Earth Industry Association show that the rare earth price index on February 15 was 426.8, up 6.2 points from the previous day, hitting a record high.The recently announced targets for the first batch of rare earth mining and smelting separation in 2022 are 20% higher than the first batch in 2021.In the peripheral situation appeared trade barriers, rare earth rather easily outshine others performance, under the current of the norm of resource scarcity, or increase the stock demand and rare earth magnets enterprise prices rise, the industrial chain related corporate profits are expected to long-term sustainable growth, the boom of rare earth is expected by the industry leading company in the plate to show the influence of.Affected by the collective rebound of European and American stock markets, the Asia-pacific region stock market on Wednesday also appeared A high opening situation, A share market three indexes collective high open, the two cities after the opening of the stock rose more or less, the theme of the plate decoration garden, construction, steel and other plates strong performance, aviation, chicken, diamond cultivation and other plates poor performance.Opened led digital currency, network security concept, brand equity, guohua ledge for harden, digital authentication technology, flag day, led by the message, “seeking truth” magazine will publish the article points out that to speed up the key areas of legislation and strengthen key areas, such as national security legislation and speed up the pace of digital economy in the areas of legislation.Gold shares led declines, hunan fell by more than 7% of gold, gold, gold Yintai fell in the west and the previous page outside dish beauty gold sharp diving, news, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine now signs of easing, there are reports that Russian part of the army back to base, whether the withdrawal remains to be verified, through diplomatic channels to solve the problem as soon as possible to avoid conflict,The upturn brought a sharp fall in gold and a sharp rise in external stock markets.The concept stocks of NOVEL coronavirus rose for three consecutive days, with Reking Bio-tech rising by more than 10%, Jiuan Medical, Wantai Bio-tech and other groups gaining strength. At present, the concept sectors of Chinese patent medicine, NOVEL coronavirus detection, kits, medicine and so on are rallying together with the novel coronavirus, which is also the sector with the biggest recovery in the high business circuit so far this week.Gem index as high low turn green, then the new energy, salt lake lithium extraction, new crown medicine such as small and medium-sized theme plates are pulled, drive index start again, after on the 5th line, formed the obvious falling interval, the two cities fell stay in thousands of stocks, rose 3 days this week there is an obvious “h.” mode,That’s a lot stronger than last week when the index rose and stocks fell.Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 rose nearly 1%, the three major index trend is relatively stable, did not appear who is stronger to take the lead, there is a more obvious general trend, two cities over 3700 floating red, towards the funds also appeared a small net inflow of the situation, the money effect has been significantly improved.Afternoon three indexes callback, the gem index callback rate is bigger, liquor plate move up, gold seed liquor, harden in sharp stakes, god save the German wine with inflation, such as in the recent 3 quotation, take turns to lift, high cycle track appeared obvious rotational movements, then see who can stand out in divergent!Zhejiang local shares harden tide, hangzhou botanical garden, ningbo fidelity over 20 boards, news, introduce high quality common prosperity development construction demonstration area of zhejiang province to promote, zhejiang local stocks after pulling up, and so did the second new strengthened, ChengDa pharmaceutical, detect park among all out of 20 cm harden board, sino endoscopy and shares rose more than 10%,Disk limit tide trend differentiation into niche themes.Infrastructure stocks late stage harden, gem stocks hangzhou han jia and design such as super 20 stocks harden, cow elder brother found from 2 PM, zhejiang plate, second new, infrastructure stocks have appeared harden tide, news stimulation drive disk higher, based on the money is still in the excited state, the index may have adjustment, institutional money still continue to fight.Market: gem: Shanghai Composite Index on Wednesday high open high, the whole day to the horizontal trend, always failed to appear volume pull up the trend, equivalent to give you a good “step” simulation did not jump up, but is not as, such a trend is often weak performance, to be careful after the occurrence of the trend of the call back.The turnover of the two cities has not been in the trillions after the festival, which also shows that the willingness of the otc funds to enter the market is not high, next pay attention to whether the market can stabilize above 3450 points.Gem index on Wednesday after high open shock, afternoon appeared once turned green trend, only steady in the 5-day line, has not been able to break through the 10-day line, overall belongs to a relatively weak market.As the index fell, the number of stocks is also increasing, but the limit of stocks is always a single digit, and there is no significant selling behavior, which belongs to the weak performance of the index. Next, pay attention to whether the GEM index can be stable above 2840 points.This week’s high boom track, still belongs to the pace of institutional funds to save themselves, even many investors shouted: “Zhang Kun, Grenn back!”Cow elder brother remained after point of view, and only just repair quotation, here still do not belong to reverse, “who did not come back” is the status quo, to “come back” must have at least 2 weeks of continuous rally round, can only alleviate the pressure of the fall in the performance of a few days, do T change the cost, it’s still a drop in the ocean,For ordinary investors or to seize the main line, after the rise and fall will have some targets again stand out, the most every year is the “big bull”, as well as all kinds of “star funds”.The concepts of industrial engine, ornamental garden, BIPV and so on are the main participants of the net capital inflow, while the concepts of aviation, pork, agriculture, forestry, husbandry and fishery have relatively large net capital outflow.Ride to see bear found new energy cars wholesale and retail sales rose in January is better than the same period last year, retail sequential movements even better than the same period in 2019, mainly in January car reach to build the new power sales performance is still strong, in the future new models launched and the continuous improvement of chip supply, sales expectations this year is not pessimistic.With the acceleration of the policy end and the vehicle enterprise end, the penetration of new energy vehicles in the global market is ushering in a new round of acceleration, and the industry boom continues to rise.From the whole market, the good news of new energy vehicles is still a wave higher than the wave, but there is no previous continuous pull trend, this week’s new coronation has been continuously sought after by funds, other high boom track has been mainly rotating, in the index rise is weak, brother Niu feel a taste of adjustment.Thursday to pay attention to the index adjustment, the differentiation trend of the major hot spots, as the saying goes: “narrow encounter the brave win.”Who can become the market to independently pull up the plate, which also shows that the capital is more inclined to these directions to do the opportunity, it seems that the financial stocks silent for many days, on Thursday to put out a show, and high business track differentiation, the new coronavirus can rise for 4 days?Or new energy, science and technology, liquor and other plates open “grab the boss” new trend?We’ll see!