Red Flag HS5 is currently priced from 183,800 yuan to test drive

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From the overall appearance, the design style of RED Flag HS5 tends to be young and fashionable.In terms of products, although we all think red Flag some alternative, but IN the SUV I saw its young dynamic appearance, this design language red Flag HS5 appearance is more in line with my mind.There is also a textured strip on the front wing, a thin chrome strip on the bottom of the door panel that looks three-dimensional, and a chrome strip on the upper edge of the window frame that looks delicate.This configuration is also useful for consumers.The car is also quite well equipped, with front and rear reversing radar and 360-degree panoramic image on all but the lowest models.And from the configuration of these three cars.It is worth mentioning that the whole vehicle gear for push-button design, such a design in today’s new models are not many.In terms of power, it will be equipped with a 2.0-ton turbocharged direct injection engine with a maximum power of 165 kilowatts.Most importantly, with 350bar high pressure direct injection and miller cycle, the engine achieves 39.5% thermal efficiency, which is perfectly comparable to the joint venture brand.This dynamic data is remarkable in its class.Parallel assist, BLIS blind spot monitoring system, AEB automatic emergency braking, full speed domain adaptive cruise, automatic parking and other safety features are also available.Like other car safety configuration, HONGqi HS5 is equipped with 6 airbags, including front and rear penetrating side air curtain and electronic stability system.The 2020 40 Smart flag leader is equipped with parallel assist, lane departure warning system, active brake/active safety system and a series of more mainstream.Suspension part, the former McPherson suspension is one of the mainstream forms, after the multi-link suspension for the vehicle to provide stability and support.”It’s more fuel efficient in economic mode, and it’s faster.”At the same time, with this engine matching is a 6 block hand since the integral gearbox, the change.