Snow and fog at the end of Spring Festival!Be careful on your return journey

2022-05-06 0 By

According to the provincial meteorological station, from the night of May 5 to the day of May 6, the range and magnitude of rainfall have changed, guizhou province overcast with showers, local moderate rain.In the evening of June 6, rain turned to sleet or light snow in the northern part of the province, and thundershowers in the western part of the province.The night of the fifth day (May 5) to the sixth day (May 6) is the peak of the return trip during the Spring Festival holiday. However, due to the combined influence of the eastward movement of the southern trough and cold air, the rain and local fog will combine to make the road slippery and visibility low, which will have a great impact on traffic safety. Please pay attention to the weather and road conditions and make reasonable travel arrangements.In recent days, the temperature is as unstable as the weather, but most parts of the province do not fluctuate, the overall feeling is still very cold, when going out must do a good job of cold insulation measures.Provincial weather forecast 4 night to 5 day, the western part of the province at night sporadic light rain, cloudy during the day, the rest of the overcast, temperature rise around;From the night of the 5th to the day of the 6th, there will be showers in the cloudy day all over the province, local medium to heavy rain, at night to the morning there will be fog in the higher terrain, in the evening of the 6th in the northern part of the province, the rain will turn to sleet or light snow, and there will be thundershowers in the western region;From the night of The 6th to the morning of the 7th, the southern part of the province will have showers under cloudy skies, the southeast part will have heavy rain, the rest of the province will have sleet or small to medium snow, and the eastern part of the province will have heavy snow.During the day, the western part of the province turned cloudy and the temperature rose, while the rest of the province was mainly cloudy.Guiyang weather forecast 4th night to 5th day, cloudy between short time cloudy;From the night of 5th to the day of 6th, it will be cloudy with light to moderate rain.6 night to 7 day, small to medium snow cloudy days.