The long street is red on the Lantern Festival

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Editor’s Note Although people have started their normal work, study and life, it seems that the year is really over until they have eaten yuanxiao on the 15th day of the first lunar month.The Lantern Festival has a history of more than 2,000 years.In the Han Dynasty, the custom of appreciating lanterns on the 15th day of the first lunar month was formed. In the Tang Dynasty, the Lantern Festival became a national celebration.It emphasizes the joy of all people, and we enjoy the full moon together, watch lanterns, guess lantern riddles and set off firecrackers. It shows a custom picture scroll of “fire tree and silver flower stay up all night”.February 15, the annual Lantern Festival, dazzling lanterns, the original qinqiang opera and a series of wonderful activities have been arranged.This Lantern Festival, let us go out of the house, together feel thick flavor of the New Year, enjoy a more wonderful life.Chang ‘an Lantern Festival is also called “Lantern Festival”.As a part of the Lantern Festival, the custom of appreciating lanterns has a long history.The eve of the Spring Festival, datang city that never sleeps, datang furong garden, xi ‘an city wall, the palace national park, easy common club culture blocks such as customs in 37 set, poetry, the games theme lanterns together bloomed, gleaming new headlamp unit not only meet a shine with new hope, also provides the fifteenth day of the first people to go out viewing the lanterns with more choice.As one of the most popular Internet sites in Xi ‘an, Datang Never Sleeps City is not only a must-visit place for foreign tourists to shaanxi, but also one of the first choice destinations for Xi ‘an citizens in their leisure time.In the City that Never Sleeps in The Tang Dynasty, the “Tiger Tiger Living Power” lighting group takes the tiger in The Tang costume as the main image, and integrates the Intangible heritage tiger and traditional tiger hat and other Chinese elements.The “Qin Yin” lamp set, which is based on the Musical Instruments such as pan flute, chime bell, pipa and guqin, and more than 100 tang poetry lamp signs are shining in the night, allowing visitors to appreciate the charm of traditional culture.In the characteristic shops on both sides of the block, tourists can not only take a rest, taste the characteristic food, but also buy the characteristic cultural and creative products such as tiger head lamp, tiger head hat and “tiger cat” blind box.The Datang Furong Garden, which opens the “immersive” lantern viewing mode early, is also a good place to enjoy the lantern viewing at night during the Lantern Festival.From the “Blessing tiger Spring Festival” lantern group with tiger head hat on the square outside the gate of the Garden to the large water interactive lantern group with glittering petals of “Treasure phase Tianshu”, from the “Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang” lantern group on the white marble Lotus Bridge to the shining ten thousand lanterns on the lakeside, the dazzling land and water lanterns make people feel as if they have traversed thousands of years and dream of shangyuan Lantern Festival in the Tang Dynasty.In order to let more citizens and tourists feel the warmth and romance of Chinese traditional Lantern Festival culture, datang Lotus Garden Lantern Festival will continue until March 6, and launched a preferential ticket price of 50 yuan per adult and 30 yuan per child.During the Lantern Festival, medical workers and public security policemen from all over the country can enter the park with valid certificates for free, and enjoy the Tang Dynasty Palace Music “Drum” and tang Music dance drama “Dream Back to Tang” for free.Children under 6 years old and under 1.2m can enter the park free of charge for visitors with old or disabled certificates.Since ancient times, lighting lanterns to pray for good fortune has been an indispensable part of the annual custom activities.In this year’s Lantern Festival, Xi ‘an City Wall Scenic Area will hold a lantern flow blessing activity at Yongning Gate. The Yizan lantern is full of blessings and expectations, praying for the citizens and tourists.Tourists can purchase the lanterns and write down their New Year wishes through the wechat mini program “Meet the City Wall Treasure Box” and the Online travel APP of Ctrip.At that time, the lantern will bring people’s best hope, together to the New Year.In addition, the “Winter Olympics” themed lanterns on the south Square of The Danfengmen Gate in Daming Palace National Heritage Park became popular online because of the three cute “Ice Dwen Dwen”, which attracted many citizens to watch and take photos.In addition to enjoying lanterns and traveling, do you want to further experience the charm of traditional culture?No problem, Chinese New Year, singing, there is nothing is a qinqiang opera can not solve!If so, two!From February 14 to 17, Sanyi Will present its classic plays “Yang Men Female General”, “Yutang Spring”, “Zhao’s Orphan” and its new play “Mrs. Anguo” at yi Custom Grand Theater.Among them, Jade Hall Spring, which met with the audience on the 15th day of the first lunar month, is one of the most popular operas in Chinese opera. In 1933, Li Yiseng, an artist of the older generation of The Sanyi Society, adapted it into the Qin Opera version based on the Peking Opera of the same name, which caused a sensation once it was released and became the classic repertoire of the Sanyi Society.The performance is led by Hou Hongqin and Zhang Tao, two plum Blossom Award winners, showing the elegant demeanor of classic dramas.As the first major opera co-produced by the National Peking Opera Theater and the Sanyi Society, the Qinqiang opera Lady anguo is recognized and loved by fans for its combination of literary and martial arts, magnificent melody and vivid characters.On the 17th day of the first lunar month, the wonderful performance of qu Suhong, the famous Sinian actress, will also bring different viewing experience to the audience.From February 14 to 17, many famous actors of Xi ‘an Yi Custom Society appeared in the open-air stage of yi Custom Society culture block, and staged for the audience the discount opera “Second Entering palace”, “Cabinet margin”, “look at women” and the drama “Rouge” and other wonderful programs.Yi Custom Society theater also launched a special performance of classic opera, will be staged “Pick up jade Bracelet”, “Three niang Godson”, “Drive slope”, “Sankou” and other plays.While listening to the opera, the audience can also wear costumes in the theater to take photos, DIY masks, experience woodcut, and deeply experience the unique charm of Qinqiang art.On February 15, xi ‘an Yi Custom Society president, plum Blossom award winner Hui Minli lead the role, won the 11th spiritual civilization construction “Five one project” award large-scale qinqiang modern drama “Liuhe Bay Bride”, will also meet online with the audience, show the ancient art of Qinqiang with The Times, looking at the reality of the style of The Times.In addition, the yichao Community cultural block decorated with lanterns is also fully open, and various time-honored restaurants and restaurants and the newly decorated “Dongbang Brother” retro underground cultural block will lead tourists to enjoy the taste of Xi ‘an in their memories.(Baihua) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: