The species and number of wintering waterbirds in Hainan hit a new high

2022-05-06 0 By

Hainan wintering waterbird species and number again hit a new high in February 2 – (reporter Long Yiqiang) February 2 is the World Wetlands Day.The reporter learned from hainan bird watching Association, Haikou 畓榃 wetland Research institute, Hainan overwintering waterbird survey results officially announced that day.In this survey, 145 black-faced spoonbills were recorded at six sites, the highest number ever;Four spoon-billed snipes, including C2 Prince, were found in Danzhou Bay.A new record bird was found in Hainan: red hemp duck in Dongfang Sigeng Salt flat.A total of 32,866 waterbirds of 71 species were recorded in this survey, which is the largest number of species and quantity recorded in the past survey of overwintering waterbirds in Hainan.The results showed that waders, herons and geese were the main species of winter waterbirds in Hainan, while gulls, corncrakes and cormorants were few.Four species of national key protected wild birds were recorded: spoon-billed sandpiper, black-faced Spoonbill, greenshank sandpiper and black-billed gull.Nine species of wild birds under state key protection class II are chestnut duck, purple water chicken, water pheasant, white curlew, Turning stone sandpiper, great sandpiper, broad-billed sandpiper, great crested tern and White Spoonbill.Among them, the number of black-faced spoonbills was 145, which was the largest since the survey of wintering waterbirds was carried out in Hainan in 2003, and the wintering population of black-faced Spoonbills was found in Haiwei Wetland Park in Changjiang for the first time.The number of spoon-billed snipe was 4, one of which had C2 flag. It was the first spoon-billed snipe with flag in the years of overwintering waterbird survey.The survey found new and rare records.Four chima ducks were recorded in Dongfang Sigeng Yantian, and one cormorant was recorded in Yangyanghekou Xincun village, Wanning Xiaohai.The red duck is a new record of hainan birds, and the common cormorant is a rare record of hainan birds.It is understood that the island set up a total of 74 wintering waterbird monitoring sites (including 9 dongzhai Port).Among them, there are 69 coastal wetland survey sites, which basically cover the known main waterbird habitats in Hainan’s coastal areas, and 5 survey sites in the central part of Hainan island, including Qiongzhong Egret Lake.