74-year-old man looking for love on a blind date, giving his salary to the floor, woman: You must give me a bankbook

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Just see the first side To mutually close the object to the passbook, is today’s date, the 64 – year – old history of aunt although ya-li shi Boyle has experienced two failed marriages, but she is still eager to find a wife, spend old age happiness, so she started to look for objects in the show, no ChengXiang real right is the big ye, into history’s eye,So Shi took the initiative to sign up.As soon as they met, Shi showed her luxurious taste to the matchmaker. Just a bed costs 13,500 yuan, which the old man really can’t afford, and I don’t know if the date song can afford.Uncle Song is 74 years old. Although his monthly pension is only 2,700 yuan, Uncle Song has a large amount of money in his hands. Now he only wants to find a beautiful wife to live with him, but nothing else.Heard of a so pretty a phase, the song of the big ye made a merry moment in my heart, can be heard the young and beautiful and makes the song grandpa thought of his second wife, song grandpa’s second wife is 16 years old, two people together very happy life, but eventually because wife likes dancing both separated,So Uncle Song didn’t want his new partner to dance.This listen to uncle Song is still a wounded man, the matchmaking woman quickly took Aunt Shi to Uncle Song’s house, this aunt Shi also took his bestie to cheer for their own, have to say that this bestie can not aunt Shi demure, put Uncle Song to see straight eyes, fortunately, bestie hurriedly explained to resolve the embarrassment of anger.For the history of song big ye first impression of high demand of Boyle actually some ideas, but to think about somebody else condition good history Boyle is also willing to give money or accepted, worried about the song in the show before the big ye said doesn’t count, s aunt that ass hasn’t done heat into the theme, song ever asked before on the show promise still count no.Uncle Song said he spit into nails, promised the old house to his wife will give, aunt hanging heart can be put down, hurriedly said he is not rushed money, but still every sentence does not leave the money, uncle Song kua put down in public rhetoric.Uncle a listen to the song on wages and for building history Boyle is really satisfied, but she was not satisfied with the demand to the big ye song let song big ye beat pension if she could keep their card. This is really unusual history Boyle, money has hit your passbook, stare blankly is said this is also help somebody else ease the burden, it’s not obvious to kiss and tell?As a matter of fact, Uncle Song also knew that Aunt Shi was just throwing herself at him, but he didn’t care at all. The only thing he cared about was whether Aunt Shi liked dancing or not. Luckily, Aunt Shi also liked dancing.Song’s heart was half cool at hearing that Shi da ma loved dancing. Without another word, she expressed her own attitude. As soon as shi Da ma heard that dancing was taboo, she immediately changed her attitude and said that she didn’t dance much either.They left their contact information for each other and decided to get along further. What do you think after reading the blind date story of Shi Dama, who covet money, and Song Dadi, who covet beauty?Let us know in the comments section, and we’ll see you next time!