Eat the rawhide of bai nationality in Dali, and you’ll never forget it

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As the saying goes, there are a thousand marbles in a thousand people’s eyes.For most tourists, Dali is the beauty of Shang Xia Guan and Erhai Lake, but for some gourmands, Dali’s raw skin is the king of dark cuisine in China.It is no exaggeration to say that the urine eggs of Dongyang, the live beads of Nanjing and the dried mice of Fujian all have to take off their crowns and bow before the rawhide of Dali.There is a well-known quote in A Bite of China that “high-end ingredients often need only the simplest cooking methods”, while in the context of bai people in Dali, some ingredients don’t even need cooking at all, such as pork.After seeing how pork was turned into Dali rind, a coastal friend dared not say that inland people do not know how to taste food.Eating raw pork is a leap of faith for 99 percent of the population.Each year countless intrepid gastronomic challengers come for its fame, and it is said that one in ten people who try rawhide go to the hospital to have their stomach pumped in tears.After all, not everyone can handle a plate of raw pork in front of them, and you have to pick it up with chopsticks to chew it and swallow it.”The equivalent of holding a pig to chew, this really can’t come.”Not to mention taste and texture, the parasitic dangers of eating raw food alone put most people off.The local custom of eating raw pork doesn’t attract much tourist attention, but it has provided an excellent thesis topic for an army of medical researchers.Despite a few heart-wrenching cases, there is still no way to stop the local Bai people’s enthusiasm for eating raw pork, and they are willing to risk their lives for their appetites.In Dali, wherever there are Bai people living together, some people must eat raw skin.Search rawhide on mapping software and you’ll be able to follow the dense red dot clues into this dark culinary world.”When I ordered, I didn’t pay attention. I thought the boss was going to stir fry it, but when a plate of raw pork came straight to the table, both my girlfriend and I were stunned.””The locals who peeked at the other tables, and went straight to their mouths with chopsticks, felt as if they had stumbled onto the set of a thriller.””Last time I rode my bike through Dali, I saw a group of people killing a pig on the side of the national road. So I stopped to watch. To my surprise, they roasted the whole pig with a fire and then cut off the skin of the pig with a knife and threw it into the mouth to eat raw.”Moving the tip of the tongue back and forth between danger and deliciousness has moved from the mere act of eating to the level of art.Perhaps the biggest reason for not stopping locals from taking the plunge is good food.A net friend who had eaten said: “taste, can directly through the millennium and hongmen banquet fan Kuai Ling meat unity.””When I closed my eyes and put a piece of pork into my mouth, I didn’t expect it to taste so delicious. The more I chewed, the more delicious it became. I could see a pig smiling at me.”Eating it raw is the ultimate sign of their respect for a pig.On the local government’s website, the headline on the article about eating raw skin reveals yunnan’s customary simplicity and simplicity: “The original way to eat is guaranteed not to be forgotten.”Chaoshan people eat beef in order to maximize the freshness of the beef, do not have the heart to let the beef in the hot water to stay more than a second.The Bai people in Dali minimize intermediate links when handling pork.Lao Zhao is the local master of rawhiding and has spent most of his life working with pigs.Each year, more than 1,000 pigs pass through his hands on their way to Dali’s big and small tables, touching no utensils but knives on their way to diners’ mouths.Straw is zhao’s magic weapon in handling pork. Every day at 3 a.m., his yard would be lit up.In the process of burning, the pig hair will be clean by fire, and then burned after the straw ash buried braised burning, not long after the pig skin will roast golden, with straw dipped in grass ash scrubbing again, remove the charred skin.The scraped pig is golden in colour and smells of roast meat.Finally, the belly is cut open, and the fat pig is divided into several pieces, which are shipped to a restaurant or the kitchen of a wedding that day for further cutting.A Yunnan friend said, “Dipping water is the soul of raw skin if you want to make delicious food.”In every rawhide shop, there is little difference in the meat, but the biggest difference is how to prepare their own special dipping water.”A complete plate of raw skin, in addition to the yellow skin, there are red thin meat, raw pig liver and pork waist, dipped in black black water rolled, the meat is fresh and tender, with the fragrance of grass ash, that elegant delicious is really the best.”In xu Xiake’s travels to Yunnan, when he went to fengyu in Langqiong (now Eryuan) on Tomb Sweeping Day, there was a record that “a rich man brought a pig and cooked it with fire after killing it”.According to his records, at least 400 years ago, bai ancestors had the custom of eating raw skin.In the past, eating raw pork was the highest form of hospitality for the Bai ethnic group, and it could only be served to stabilize the occasion when guests arrived at home or at weddings.Raw skin is a traditional food in Dali, now life is good, all kinds of meat are tired of eating, but this way of eating raw skin is not tired, has been retained.Take a bite of rawhide and you may understand why the Bai people have been able to take root and survive in Dali by sheer force of life.This article is reprinted from the wechat official account: Buuuxiangji Research Institute (ID: Buuuxiangji). 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