Emergency search!Tangshan one ground announces 3 close contact person action track!

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Urgent Announcement by the Office of the Leading Group for Prevention and Control of Pneumonia in Novel Coronavirus Infection, Lubei District, Tangshan on the track of Close Contacts of confirmed COVID-19 CasesOn February 25, 2022, our district received a letter of assistance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Gaoxin Zone, stating that there are three residents of Gaoxin Zone: Zhang xx, Qin XX (No. 1) and Qin XX (No. 2), who are related to each other and are classified as close contacts. Zhang xx and other three people once had activities in our district.On February 17, Zhang took Qin (No. 2) to the eye hospital to register for nucleic acid test at around 15:30, paid the fee at 15:34, went to the clinic on the second floor to make out a medical bill, went to the first floor for nucleic acid test, and left at around 15:50.On February 18, 9 pieces of XXX and XXX (1) with the qin qin so-and-so (2) to ophthalmic hospital operating room for surgery on the fourth floor, during the operation the xyz with qin zhang (1) the two seats at the gate of the operating room waiting for qin so-and-so (2), the operation about 10 minutes, after surgery, the operating room doorway seat under observation for 30 minutes, about 11:00 drive home.At 10:30 on February 19, Zhang took Qin (No. 2) to the operating room on the fourth floor of the eye hospital and waited at the door. Stitches were removed at 10:50 and she drove home at about 11:00.It is hereby reminded that residents should immediately report to their communities (units) if they have a common movement track with the above three close contacts during the above period and implement control measures.If you have fever, cough or other symptoms, please immediately stay at home for personal protection and report to your community (unit). Wait for follow-up treatment by epidemic prevention and control workers and take active measures without panic.In case of concealment and serious consequences, relevant personnel will be investigated for responsibility according to law.Lu Bei District Prevention and Control Office Tel: 3724033 Lu Bei District Center for Disease Control and Prevention Tel: 2044041 Lu Bei District Leading Group Office of Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control In Tangshan City 25 February 2022 Source: Voice of Lu Bei wechat official account