Exclusive interview with Ye Xin, CEO of ABbe Chain: To promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry with blockchain security technology innovation

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Chinatimes.net.cn Reporter Wang Yongfei Ran Xuedong Beijing report January 21, sponsored by China Times China Institutional Investors annual meeting and the 15th Golden Cicada Award ceremony held in Beijing.In this award ceremony, Abbe Chain, a new star enterprise focusing on blockchain security products, won the “Outstanding Contribution award for annual scientific and technological Innovation”.The reporter learned that in 2021, Aibei Chain cooperated with the police to successfully control the assets involved in a number of cases related to virtual currency with its independently developed blockchain security products, and the innovative technology project jointly declared by Guangzhou Public Security was funded by the Key Laboratory of information network security of the Ministry of Public Security.It is one of the important reasons for winning the “Annual Outstanding Contribution to Scientific and technological Innovation Award”.Ye Xin, CEO of Ablink, said in an interview with China Times that as a start-up company committed to blockchain technology and security innovation services, the award of Outstanding Contribution to scientific and technological Innovation is a strong affirmation of the development of Ablink in the field of digital assets by the industry and media.Abei Chain will continue to work deeply in the field of technology and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the blockchain industry through the research and application of blockchain technology in the fields of finance, government and enterprises.In July 2021, police in Guangdong Province cracked a case of illegal data trading.During the investigation, the police found that the suspects hid their illegal assets in the form of virtual currency. Due to the technical and concealed nature of the virtual currency related cases, the traditional methods of sealing, seizing and freezing the assets involved could not be applied.How to deal with the involved virtual currency assets in compliance as soon as possible has become a key to promote the end of the case.New to introduce to our reporter, the public security organs in dealing with the virtual assets involved prosecution are two problems, one is because of the virtual currency does not have monetary attribute and value of law countervail sex, the public security organs in handling this kind of new type of crime, when verify assets involved has by fiat into virtual currency, is often difficult to apply conventional “confiscated frozen” to the process of handling;Second, whether the transaction is operated directly by the case handling personnel, or the second best way is to transfer part of the initiative to dispose of the virtual assets involved to the criminal suspects or technical support companies, there are always asset risks.In the process of handling this case, EbayLink assisted the police to successfully complete the withdrawal of the virtual currency involved in the asset seizure stage by using xixi ™, the self-developed evidence collection and control system for the involved virtual assets, in practice of the legislative concept of “mutual supervision of law enforcement officers”.”Our plan is to generate an exclusive wallet to seize assets for the same case. Multiple assets involved in the same case can be separately seized and managed.In the sealing of the involved assets, the private key of the involved assets is stored in the special physical device for intrusion prevention for offline cold storage.In the process of asset transfer, multi-party authorization is designed, and private key is fragmented and co-managed by multiple people to avoid single point of risk.”Ye Xin introduced.Xixi ™ system is an independent and controllable high-security software and hardware integration system, including integrated virtual currency forensics and control machine, management shield and forensics and control system.The reporter’s on-site experience found that the all-in-one machine is specially tailored for the virtual currency involved in the control of the encryption machine, support risk control strong review;The special management shield for law enforcement personnel is used for two-factor identity authentication, operation authorization and physical confirmation of key transaction elements when assets are handed over. It is quite convenient and easy to use.Ye Xin said, “The purpose of the research and development of Xixi ™ is to help law enforcement officers carry out the process of controlling, storing, transferring and disposing of involved virtual currencies in a legal, safe and compliant manner.To avoid virtual currency held by suspects out of control due to their arrest, and better realize the thorough investigation and recovery of criminal assets.”The reporter understands, the rhinoceros is ™ is as A core technology solution be Abe chain with the guangzhou municipal public security bureau Internet police detachment combine the latest projects, according to the laboratory of the Ministry of Public Security information network security released 2021 annual declare open subject guide, got involved in virtual currency control direction of class A key project funding support,Jointly meet the actual needs of front-line business of public security, explore and form key technology research and development and equipment research to support the actual work of public security.In addition, in a “gambling fraud case” seized by shangrao Guangxin District police at the beginning of 2022, Aibei Chain action acted as the technical assistance party. Through its anti-money laundering and on-chain fund tracing technology, aibei Chain cooperated to track the virtual currency charging address reserved by the gaming platform before the case, and assisted in the on-site search of virtual currency hardware wallet and other related items in the case.After the case, a set of services such as tracing the address of the virtual wallet involved in the case were provided.Ecological chain “safeguard” as the block in the chain of ecological security technology companies, Abe chain moving to independent research and development of digital identity and digital asset proof safe depository rhino armoured ™, virtual assets involved forensics anti-money laundering control system the rhino is ™ and digital assets and funds source tools products such as rhinoceros back ™ products of science and technology innovation such as release block value chain technology, fu can fall to the ground.”To ‘Xi’ as the core named products, the main idea is still around safety, Abe is a safety product company.Rhinos symbolize safety and are not easy to attack.The rhino horn is so sensitive that it was called ‘lingxi’ in ancient times.”Ye Xin introduced.As an important link in the blockchain ecosystem, the healthy development of blockchain is of great significance.In 2018, virtual currency gradually entered the vision of traditional giant enterprises and the public. Ye Xin, who has rich experience in the field of security technology, also took an interest in this track.Compared with the industry hype, Ye Xin chose low-key research and development products, solid entry into the blockchain security field.Ye Xin said, “My core team and I have been working in the field of data security for more than ten years.Secondly, blockchain is the current cutting-edge technology direction, and the development of technology is accompanied by how to solve the security problem. Abbe Chain chooses to take root in the security services and technology applications of blockchain, hoping to deeply participate in the wave of industry development.As a security product and technical service company in the field of blockchain, ABbe Chain hopes to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the blockchain industry through the research and application of blockchain technology in the fields of finance, government and enterprise.”The continuous expansion of the blockchain market has provided a broad space for the development of ABbe Chain.It is understood that the 2021 Global Blockchain Market report predicts that the size of the blockchain market is expected to grow from $4.9 billion in 2021 to $67.4 billion in 2026, and the main drivers of the rapid growth of the blockchain market include investment in blockchain technology and the widespread use of blockchain solutions in banking and network security.In terms of the compliance custody of digital assets, ABbe Chain relies on its innovative blockchain technology and financial security-level trusted hardware to provide safe and efficient services for licensed compliance financial institutions around the world, so as to jointly safeguard the security and compliance development of enterprise digital asset service platform from the technical dimension.After early accumulation and continuous focus on Research and development, Aibei Chain has achieved rich landing results in 2021.Regarding the development of blockchain security ecology, Ye Xin said: “Currently, the whole blockchain industry is still in the early stage of growth in the development cycle of the industry. We hope that more colleagues can join the industry to promote the rapid growth and maturity of the industry.Despite the rapid development of the blockchain industry and frequent technical iterations, we always adhere to the original aspiration, focus on the research of blockchain security and technology, and explore more practical applications of industrial blockchain.Lead editor: Meng Junlian Editor: Ran Xuedong