Linyi, Shandong :32 procurator’s suggestions to build a “firewall” for electric vehicle safety

2022-05-07 0 By

“The electric cars in the community moved from ‘upstairs’ to’ downstairs’, and the hidden danger of ‘flying line charging’ was eliminated. We felt a sense of security and happiness from the bottom of our hearts.”When Hu Youzhang, director of the Fourth Procuratorial Department of the Linyi People’s Procuratorate in Shandong Province, visited a high-rise residential community in his district recently, the owner, Ms. Wang, described the visible changes.Hu Youzhang tells a reporter, since the second half of 2021, they found in the work, multiple district exists within their respective jurisdictions stairwells, exit and other public area disorderly parking place electric phenomenon, and residents in the home, public walkway or outdoor private wires for electric vehicle charging, there is great potential safety problems, could lead to social and public interests are violated.The prosecutor handling the case after full investigation, accurately determine by the supervision and main body function, has sent several administrative public interest litigation before litigation prosecutorial advice, recommendations carry out routine safety inspection and joint law enforcement, regulation and electric bicycle behavior such as illegal parking, charge, and carry out regular publicity and education, at the appropriate time to carry out fire evacuation drill.After investigation and evidence collection, counties and districts issued targeted procuratorial suggestions.Up to now, the city’s procuratorial organs issued a total of 32 procuratorial proposals.After the procuratorial suggestion was issued, the relevant administrative organs gave strong support and active cooperation. They carried out 76 joint law enforcement inspections, remedied more than 500 illegal acts such as “flying cable charging”, cleaned up more than 1,000 parked electric bicycles and cleaned up more than 800 debris in evacuation channels.Promote the construction of 1,027 charging sheds (libraries) and 8,216 charging spots in the residential areas of the city, and install 859 electric bicycle elevator cage blocking systems;We have carried out fire protection publicity through multiple channels, held 36 special training sessions on fire safety, and printed more than 100,000 copies of publicity materials.A series of “combination fist” hit out, electric car safety hidden trouble eliminated completely.Source: Justice Network