“Party Building” Star Party Member Center Style (Phase II)

2022-05-07 0 By

Hu Qisong, Donghuji Town Ludu village party member center household, born in November 1949, in September 1973 to work, in October 1986 to join the Communist Party of China, has been the county town for many times in recognition of advanced workers.In 2021 is shandong crossing the village to create characteristic GongJianNian rural village, from the early mobilization, house demolition construction acceptance to late the farmhouse, as a whole of education industry, a retired, Hu Qisong give full play to the advantages of itself understand policies, high prestige, led the party members to actively participate in contradiction to resolve, quality supervision, greatly speed up the construction progress,Assisted Ludu Village to successfully apply for the characteristic rural project.Recently, he led Party members to participate in the epidemic prevention and control duty of home surveillance personnel returning to their hometowns for three times, and took the lead in resolving six cases of conflicts, fulfilling the original mission of a Party member with practical actions.Always go with the party’s old secretary Wu Dejun, Tang Ji town Zhou Cheng village party member center, born in September 1952, in September 1975 to work, in October 1976 to join the Communist Party of China, has served as the village secretary, director, deputy secretary, county people’s congress representatives and other positions.Anyone who knows Ng teh-chun knows he is a warm-hearted man.After retiring from the village cadre position, Wu Dejun is not willing to “lonely” all the time, often help the village to do a few things within its power, also served as the deputy director of the village work committee.Seeing the family difficulties of the children around him, he took the initiative to contact the superior departments to help them transform the “dream house”. Under his care, the left-behind children in Zhoucheng Village have been well cared for, and there has not been a case of dropping out of school.As an old secretary, he has a high political literacy, often use spare time to study the party’s policy theory, every evening news broadcast is a non-stop.Since he was elected as the central household of the party members, he not only learned by himself, but also led other party members to learn, and from time to time called in contact with the party members to come home for a “spiritual baptism”.Through his drive, the contact of party members stronger sense of party spirit, ideals and beliefs more firm, have become the villagers around the veritable pioneer.