Serie A today: can Roma beat the underdogs?

2022-05-07 0 By

Serie a Roman VS now ranked sixth in serie a, Rome Genoa team nearly period of time the play was very good, including the Italian cup, is won a wave of three straight, games and roma’s attack is very strong, the two consecutive games scoring is above 3, but Rome also has certain problem, defense is very poor,Conceding more than 1.3 goals per game this season, the team is relatively strong at home, with a record of 7 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses in 12 home games this season.Genoa are now ranked 19th place in serie a, the team most recent state is very bad, now there are seven consecutive games, and a lot of games is zero sealed by your competitors, the performance of the front is very down, especially into the league since the second half, the team avoid relegation pressure facing very big, Genoa this team to remove attack down, defensive problem is big,Conceding more than two goals a game this season, the team has also struggled away from home, winning just once in 12 trips.From the record of the two teams, Roma hold the absolute advantage, the two teams have played many times before they are smoothly won the opponent, from the state of the two teams, Roma is also better, this is still looking forward to Roma win the game.Recommendation:Winning the bundesliga beauty mainz VS hoffenheim beauty mainz now ranked tenth in the bundesliga, the state of the team is not very good recently, including warm-up is currently have a wave burnley, including by furth and bochum underdogs, mainz integral style or preference for conservative, especially at home, at home this season averaging 0.5 goals,But the team’s home offense is good, averaging nearly two goals per game. Hoffenheim is currently seventh in the Bundesliga. The team’s overall offensive efficiency is actually ok this season, averaging two goals per game, and the team’s away ability is mediocre, giving up three points in half of the season.Combined with the record, this look forward to the visitors unbeaten.Recommended: If you want to learn more about elvis Presley, come to elvis Presley on Ball