Shenzhen people, Spring Festival travel + play + dress guide to come

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The bell of the New Year is about to ring. Where to go for the holiday? Have you made a plan?Think of you have this demand business daily jun for you to prepare a tour guide punch card play, art exhibitions and you care about the weather, traffic information to understand it!Transportation Guide Shenzhen Metro and Bus Travel Tips Shenzhen self-driving travel tips (△ Click the video for details) Urban expressway travel: It is expected that the overall highway traffic in 2022 Spring Festival holiday is smooth, the road operation is good.It is expected that on February 2 (the second day of the first lunar month), the road will be relatively congested from 11:00 to 21:00, and the speed will decrease significantly, but the overall operation is still unblocked.In terms of road travel in the city: It is expected that the traffic operation pressure in the city has increased compared with the previous Spring Festival. The congested roads in the city are mainly distributed around the business district of popular scenic spots, but the overall operation is still basically smooth.It is expected that there will be local congestion in the main sections around the business circle of hot spots such as Dapeng Suocheng-Jiaochang Wei Area, Lianhuashan Park Area, Xianhu Botanical Garden -Wutong Mountain area, Bao ‘an Yifang Cheng-Joy Bay area, etc.Scenic spots in the city business circle public transportation passenger flow, is expected to window of the world – happy valley – joy coast – shenzhen bay park area, baoan one mahjong layout – happy harbour area, lotus park district scenic areas such as business circle public transportation passenger volume is larger, suggest that people try to stagger on February 1 – Feb. 3 (homonym for the third day rush hour to go.From January 19 to February 15 (the 17th day of the 12th lunar month to the 15th day of the 1st lunar month), the “outside restriction” measures will be suspended, during which all small passenger vehicles with non-deep license plates will be allowed to pass through the whole time in Shenzhen.From February 16 onwards, the original restrictions were resumed.The suspension of the measures for non-Shenzhen number of small passenger vehicles, all trucks are still subject to the relevant shenzhen restrictions.The time limit for the suspension of the measures will be February 15, i.e. the original measures will be resumed from February 16. Please keep a good record of the corresponding time to avoid illegal punishment.Small buses with 9 seats and less are allowed to drive in the controlled area according to the booking time after successfully booking through the wechat official account of Shenzhen Traffic Police, the official website of Shenzhen Traffic Police, the QR code for reserving traffic, and the merchant’s booking. The departure time is not restricted.Booking Area (Traffic control Area) All roads south of Tiefu Shan Tunnel (including Tiefu Shan Tunnel) in Dapeng New Area Note:Registered vehicles, buses, taxis, trucks, police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, engineering emergency vehicles, buses with 10 seats or more and transit vehicles that only need to pass through Yanba Expressway to Huizhou and other places are not restricted.On January 28, 8 start friends booking channel can through the “love dapeng” WeChat public, booking, booking just three steps you can by looking at the remaining quantity to choose the date of the little car booking travel ways citizens and tourists can yo make an appointment by “beautiful shenzhen” WeChat public, “convenient service” in the column “parking” park reservation appointment.Maximum 2 hours in advance reservation what need reminds is the parking lot has only advance booking no parking vehicles approach and park surrounding roads not reserve a vehicle do not cause congestion in a car park entrance or stranded at the junction to avoid the traffic police department will also strengthen the law enforcement and surrounding roads lead shenzhen park entrance is pushing the park parking free net phone booking service by now at least six municipal parksParking available for reservation now shenzhen bay park lotus park bijiashan park expo garden children’s park and park red hills, railway travel tips (delta click video view guide) according to the shenzhen epidemic prevention and control policy adjustment, January 26, the passengers into the shenzhen airport terminal DNA negative 48 hours will no longer be required as proof,However, passengers with flight plans are advised to check with the destination city in advance to confirm the latest epidemic prevention policies, and prepare relevant certification materials in advance to avoid affecting their trip.What’s the weather like for Chinese New Year?Is it good to go out?Commercial newspaper jun delimits the key!Before and after the New Year’s eve the city turned cold, the average temperature is low, you should pay attention to cold warm oh to add more clothes oh and you need to wear a guide most last business jun sweet remind friends friends do personal protection wear a face mask, wash your hands more often ventilated, maintain social distance I wish you all eat good drink good fun for a safe and happy Spring Festival!Source comprehensive from Shenzhen art wenhui, Shenzhen weather, Shenzhen Special Zone newspaper, Shenzhen News network, Shenzhen airport release, Shenzhen release, etc. Editor Letter Jiayi responsible for editing Zhu Feng supervisor yuan Changqiao school review Sun Shijian click to see, let more friends see!