That’s less than 11%!In the past 90 days, only 637 of 5973 second-hand residential areas in Foshan have a deal!

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Now for a lot of people, “knock” bridal chamber, perhaps no second-hand room “sweet”.However, faced with a large number of second-hand housing sources (foshan currently has nearly 5,973 residential areas listed for sale, according to Data from Shell), it is difficult for buyers to choose a suitable second-hand house in so many residential areas.To better solve this problem, today’s editor introduces an indicator to help you narrow down your choices.This index is: 90 days transaction records.Nearly 90 days with housing transactions in the residential area, the more housing transactions, it proves that the liquidity of the community is better.Home buyers have a point to be clear, second-hand housing is different from new homes, more important liquidity.In not sure whether they want to spend the rest of their lives in the second-hand house, must be ready for the late housing replacement, choose the short cycle of the residential housing.Therefore, this index can well reflect the value standard and scale of the second-hand housing market.Today, I have collected the data of 5973 residential areas in the five districts of Foshan on, among which 637 residential areas have transaction records within 90 days, accounting for only about 10.7%.At present, there are 883 second-hand residential areas in Chancheng District, with 11,441 listed houses, and 139 residential areas, accounting for about 15.7 percent, have been sold within 90 days, according to Shell.Sorted out chan city second-hand housing transaction prices, found in Zhangcha Sunchuang Wangjiang Fu, in the past 90 days, the transaction of 9 second-hand houses, housing turnover is on the top of chan City, the average transaction price of 18598 yuan/square meters.Sunac Wangjiang Mansion is located on the south side of Jihuabei Road and west side of Jihua Bridge, facing Ludao Lake across the river. It has a good environment and landscape, and it is very convenient to travel between the central district of Chan City and Ludao Lake.At the same time, the project is the second new real estate that has been certified for 2 years and has a nine-year system — Foshan No. 4 High School Affiliated School District. There were 3 sets of transactions in this community in January, with the unit price between 16,823-19,638 yuan /㎡;Compared with the new plate of Hongyang Yuejiang No. 1 in nearby Helenburg, the average price is 19,000-23,000 /㎡, which has a certain price advantage and eliminates the long waiting time for the delivery.Therefore, for young people who are eager to buy a house, sunac Wangjiang Mansion is also a good choice.At present, there are 1,585 second-hand residential areas in Nanhai district, with 11,441 listed houses, and 288 residential areas, accounting for about 18 percent, have been sold within 90 days, according to Shell Network.From the nanhai district nearly 90 days second-hand housing district transaction number TOP30, 7 towns and streets have been shortlisted, guicheng alone accounted for more than 30%;Among them, Vanke Jinyu Central in Pingzhou ranked first with the transaction volume of 19 units, followed by Guidan Yijing Garden in Danzao, and Zhonghai Jincheng International Garden in Pingzhou.Yuexiu Xinghui Yunjin and Jinmingdu, which ranked second, also sold four units in 90 days.According to Shell, there are 2,311 second-hand housing complexes in Shunde, with 19,605 listed houses;Although the five districts have the most listed residential areas, only 157 residential areas, accounting for about 6.8%, were traded within 90 days.The largest number of transactions is for Country Garden Phoenix Bay, its 90 days of transactions of 9 houses, the current average listing price of about 13,038 yuan /㎡.Country Garden Phoenix Bay is located in shunde District Ronggui eastern new city, desheng river south bank, because the volume is too big, although sold for ten years, there are still new houses for sale, new houses in the sale of even 9000-12500 yuan /㎡.However, although a lot of turnover, but the whole community in the sale of so many sources (up to 893), to sell the house successfully, the only way to highlight the price advantage.Looking at recent transaction records found that the vast majority of housing transaction prices far below the current average price of the community.Country Garden Grand Garden, a project located in Longjiang, followed. According to data from Shell network, its 90 days of transaction of 6 houses, the current average listing price of about 11,334 yuan /㎡.The district and the town government is separated all the way, is a collection of residential, hotel, commercial in one of the city’s high-quality real estate.Surrounding schools, banks, supermarkets, medical facilities and other facilities are complete, which can meet the needs of life.* Country Garden Haoting Location schematic project is still for young people, good location, perfect peripheral supporting facilities, plus the advantage of low total price, is bound to become many people just need to get on the car, the market volume will naturally go up.Sanshui district has the least second-hand housing communities in the five districts. According to Shell Network, there are 422 second-hand housing communities in Sanshui District, with 6,653 listed houses, and only 36 residential areas have been completed within the last 90 days, accounting for about 8.5%.Throughout the sanshui district in the past 90 days of second-hand housing residential transactions in the TOP30, there are three residential transactions in more than 10 sets, including huixin Washington, times south bay and poly yu jiangnan.Among them, the highest transaction in the past 90 days is Huixin Washington, its transaction of 17 houses, currently listed at an average price of about 9024 yuan /㎡, and there are 317 houses for sale.Xiaobian found in Shell net that in January of this year, the price of three houses were more than 7,000 yuan, far lower than the average price of the current community.Huixin Huafu is located in Beijiang New Area, Sanshui, the intersection of Xiqing Avenue and Beijiang Avenue, surrounded by times City, Hong ‘an Garden, Merchants Yue Garden, new Town merchants Yu Fu and other residential areas, living atmosphere is strong, and guangfo New Power Square, Beijiang Primary school and other supporting facilities are good.* The most important thing is that the total price starts from 680,000 yuan, and the down payment only needs 20W + to start, which is also a good choice for those who want to buy property in Sanshui.Times south Bay followed, 15 sets of transactions, and Poly royal Jiangnan also has 10 sets of turnover.Gaoming district has only 17 residential areas sporadic 1 or 2 sets of transactions gaoming is the five areas with the least transactions, according to the shell network shows that there are 772 residential areas in Gaoming District, 2397 houses listed, in the past 90 days there are only 17 residential areas, accounting for about 2.2%.Among them, treasure line yuquan bay and constant square transaction has 2 sets, other communities are sporadic 1 sets.Written in the end from nearly 90 days of turnover TOP30, Foshan second-hand housing or has a large market, but no matter why you buy a house, buy a house must remember to pay attention to the liquidity of the house, because the house such assets, only can sell out, can flow, to highlight its value, otherwise, is “real estate”.Secondly, the housing age is also a very important factor affecting the second-hand housing transaction. From the above statistics, the better basic transaction is built after 2010, that is, the residential area within 10 years of the housing age can obviously win the favor of buyers.In addition, whether for self-living or investment, before starting, we should carefully study the location, supporting facilities, school districts and developers of the community, which are the premise to ensure a comfortable future living and the value of real estate.Finally, once again, when buying a house, we must pay attention to the circulation of the house.