The Year of the Tiger continues to be high-end!Xiaomi: the full standard iPhone, three years won the first domestic

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Millet as multiple the spoiler of the industry, has the formidable strength, millet incoming electric cars or impact mobile phones high-end, can cause a lot of influence in the industry, and millet flagship model to high-end strategy since the beginning of the year before last, after two years of travel, now result is obvious, especially the millet 11 and 12 series machines last year,The recognition in the market is very high.Lei Jun announced after going to work in the New Year, Millet held the first important meeting in the year of the Tiger: high-end strategy seminar.Lei Jun mentioned in the article that the meeting made it clear once again that the high-end is a battle of life and death and a group strategy. We have moved from a strategic trial to a strategic attack.After all, the previous high-end models tasted sweet, and indeed gained a lot of recognition in the market.In order to further impact high-end, Xiaomi also set up high-end strategy working group, under the strategic traction of “the world’s largest mobile phone sales in three years”, products and experience should be fully standardized with iPhone, and win the domestic high-end mobile phone market share in three years.During the conference, a brief data report was also made for xiaomi’s current top flagship model, mi 12 Series. Xiaomi mentioned that mi 12 and 12 Pro had a good start to the year of the Tiger, and the first month shipments of mi 12 and 12 Pro far exceeded all other brands’ Snapdragon 8 phones combined.Among them, Mi 12Pro became the android sales champion in the 4000+ price segment on e-commerce platforms and Tmall in January.The first sale achieved sales of 1.8 billion in 5 minutes, which shows that the market recognition is extraordinary.What’s more important is that it can launch the Snapdragon 8 series chips and have such a huge shipment volume, which once again shows xiaomi’s influence in the industry.Of course, the success of Xiaomi 12 series also shows us that xiaomi is not talking about winning the first place in the domestic high-end market in three years.Compared with previous models, the overall experience of Mi 12 series is indeed greatly improved. Next, WE hope that Xiaomi can continue to optimize high-end experience, and hope that domestic mobile phones can truly surpass iPhone in an all-round way in the future.Next, Redmi’s K series will also perform, hoping that high-end products will become more and more popular.