When winter Olympics and spring come across accidentally, the seed in her heart of Golden hill is slowly germinating…

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Last night (February 4th),
The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games
In Beijing!
People all over the country are paying close attention to the event.At 8 PM, Ma Yuqi, a member of the land ice hockey team of jinshan Teachers’ Further Education College, and his family watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games live on TV.When the ice hockey players to see the ice cube swing a hit, “ice and snow five rings” out of the ice, Ma Yuqi is very happy.As a member of her school’s land hockey team, watching hockey players swing on the screen made her feel familiar.Ma Yuqi, an affiliated primary school student of Jinshan Teachers’ Further Education College:
Because I used to do these movements in school, when I saw these movements, I had this kind of training picture in my mind and felt very familiar.In 2018, the primary school affiliated to Jinshan Teachers’ Further Education College selected land ice hockey training as the school’s sunshine sports featured course.Ma Yuqi has been involved in the training of land ice hockey since the first grade.When they first came into contact with land ice hockey, their mothers were also worried about their children getting hurt and delaying their studies.Ma Yuqi mother Pei Sichuan:
She herself has been very persistent, not afraid of hard work, adhere to three years.I’m supportive of her. She’s strong on her own.Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Mayuqi told reporters that recently he even dream of the time will dream of ice hockey games, very looking forward to seeing Chinese athletes in the arena.Ma Yuqi, an affiliated primary school student of Jinshan Teachers’ Further Education College:
I’m really looking forward to seeing Chinese hockey players play against athletes from other countries.In the future, IF I can be a hockey player, I will be very happy.The Winter Olympics coincide with spring,
Let’s help the Winter Olympics,
Refueling for the Chinese athletes!
Together to the future!
Part of the photo source: xinhua Shanghai publishing press | pinky NiYanQing edit | Cheng Jiayu coordinating editor | shu Yin on the view of dill author: Shanghai jinshan