3-1!Egypt in Africa Cup final!Salah, Manet, Liverpool star clash

2022-05-08 0 By

Egypt, led by Abdeslam Salah, took on Cameroon in the semi-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations in the early hours of February 4, Beijing time.Mane’s Senegal beat Burkina Faso 3-1 to reach the final.Unlike Senegal, which beat underdogs in the knockout stage, Egypt were strong opponents all the way to the final.Senegal topped the group stage with guinea, Malawi and Zimbabwe, scoring just one goal and, of course, not conceding, scoring three points and drawing 0-0 in their other two goalless matches.Egypt finished second behind Nigeria, Sudan and Guinea-Bissau in their group.Senegal face Cape Verde and Egypt face Ivory Coast in the quarter-finals.Senegal face Equatorial Guinea and Egypt face Morocco in the quarter-finals.Yes, Egypt start 433, Salah in front of the trident as the right wing.Cameroon start 343, with Lyon striker Emmanuel Ecambi leading the trident.After the opening of the game, the overall strength of the stronger Egypt dominated the offensive.9 th minute, Salah shot wide of the post.The 14th minute, Eckambi dribbled ball breakthrough, get rid of the back pass, was confiscated by the goalkeeper.In the 18th minute, Ngadeou headed a corner kick for Cameroon, which hit the post and bounced out. Abubakar followed up with a follow-up shot, which was blocked from the baseline.Egypt dodged the bullet.In the first half, both sides were tied 0-0. Although neither team scored, the competition was fierce.In the second half, Egypt made a substitution adjustment, Trezeguet replaced El Solea.Mustafa Mohamed’s header was confiscated by Onana in the 48th minute.In the 56th minute, the Cameroonian midfielder fumbled a return pass, salah broke the ball and onana made a quick move to clear the ball outside the penalty area.The 71st minute, Guyt outside the penalty area to meet the ball volley, hit the post pop-up.Regular time 90 minutes of the game, the score is still 0-0, into extra time.The 98 th minute, Shanghai Shenhua foreign aid Basogo substitute debut, replaced Ekambi.The 100 th minute, Salah receives teammate cross kick to push, deflection post.The score was still 0-0 after extra time, and it was a brutal penalty shootout.In the first round, both teams hit free throws.In the second round, Cameroonian Mkuti missed a penalty.In the third round, Cameroon missed again.Egypt beat Cameroon 3-1 on penalties in the fourth round to reach the Africa Cup of Nations final.Mane, Salah and Liverpool team-mates will clash in the Africa Cup of Nations final.It is worth mentioning that the African region of the 2022 World Cup qualifier, the top 10 against Mane’s Senegal and Salah’s Egypt were also drawn together, destined to have a World Cup this year.