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People tend to spring early, busy recruitment after the festival.It’s cold in early spring in Changchun, but for Qu Xiujie, head of the Nongan County Jiefu Straw Weaving Cooperative, who started work early on the second day of the New Year, it’s a good time to start his “stealing mode”.”Qu Xiujie” welcomed the “spring” of a new round of development with the launch of changchun 2022 Spring Breeze Action and the special action of employment services for industrial enterprises in Four industrial areas at Baota Community, Baota Street, Nongan County on 16th.”Time is the product, is the benefit, in order to catch up with the order from Beijing, the second day of the New Year, more than 60 employees in the cooperative part-time work on the full start.However, we received several new orders on the 15th day of the first lunar month, all of which were urgent and the workers’ attention was not enough. The “Spring Breeze Action” launched by the Human resources and social Security department of Changchun city was too timely.This is the job application information we have received so far, as well as the wechat notification.”Said, Qu Xiujie happily showing a morning of “results”.Ms. Bao Ma Lin, a “post-90s”, was very touched by the news that she could work in the free training for 7 days to half a month at Jefu Straw Weaving.”I usually stay at home to take care of my children. Once I learn how to make straw, I can take it home and pay by the piece. This kind of job suits me very well.”Think in the New Year opened a new hope for the life, and early in the morning from cao home town of county agriculture farming Ann specially ridge village came to wang fang elder sister, she will jie fu straw as choosing a “preferred”, “while not farming season, just find a job, learn a skill, not only can eat by craft in the future, have a festival can also do some gifts to relatives and friends, feel the life is more to look forward.”Jilin Province Rongfa Group Co., Ltd. is planning to expand production in the New Year, in the face of the normal situation of large turnover of employees in the beginning of spring, enterprise recruitment is timely.”Today I mainly want to hire front-line workers, because there are garment factories under the group, and workers in cutting, packaging and packaging workshops are in short supply.”See the scene of job-seekers find work enthusiasm high, group human resources RongFa deputy manager dina liu confidence, encouraged by her side give business flyer, introduces all kinds of advantages, her goal is very clear – “post-holiday applicants this year than in previous years, according to past experience, large-scale job fair is about to begin, we want to rob, keep people.”There are also many college students taking advantage of the early spring season for the future job “exploring”.Hao, a student from the School of Administration at Jilin University, is one of them.Want to work in the clerical position of her, and have been industrial group, kang big food and other enterprises docking.”There is a popular saying among my classmates: ‘You don’t have to go far to get a job. Your hometown is a good place.’ I consider staying in Changchun to work and contribute to the construction of my hometown.”Hao said.On the same day, the city’s many urban areas, the development zone linkage to carry out the “spring breeze action”, organized 68 special recruitment activities, 847 employers to participate in the recruitment activities, providing 12,677 jobs, the site issued “spring breeze card” and other publicity materials 67,470.The human resources and social security departments of the city are catching up early, focusing on employment assistance, employment skills training, employment public services, grabbing steady “golden season” of post retention, striving for a “good start” of employment work in the first quarter.