Counterfeit foreign currency poured into Uzbekistan

2022-05-08 0 By

Uzbek central bank governor Nurmuratov told a news conference that cash machines had been suspended for two days because of the flood of fake foreign currency.”Recently, the ATM money exchange business was temporarily suspended. It is not because of a machine malfunction, but because a large number of counterfeit coins entered our market and the self-service machine could not identify them.So the use of many ATMs was limited and we started to modify the program so that the problem could be fixed.”The central bank governor explains.Uzcard’s unified processing Center plans to restore ATM’s ability to accept $50 and $100 bills by the end of January 2022, a function that was disabled at the end of September last year, according to newspaper online.The governor also answered the question of opening a private exchange point.”The central bank has a firm position on this issue.As requested by the FATF (Financial Task Force against Money Laundering), we have not reached a consensus on the abolition of private exchange offices.”The President said.In mid-December, Ukraine’s anti-monopoly Commission released for public discussion a draft presidential decree that proposed allowing private exchange offices.An Ran