How much time we have left to waste

2022-05-08 0 By

Early morning the day is bright, golden sunlight into my room, suddenly feel this morning is very fresh, very beautiful.But then I fell back into the dullness of life that has been the norm for so many years.When I was in middle school, I learned an article, the words I like very much “the most precious thing is life, life is only once for everyone, this only once life how to spend it!No regrets for wasted years, no shame for mediocrity.”In the past, I felt that I had wasted many years of my life, and I was too mediocre to achieve anything. I felt anxious and worried about my life, but now EVERYTHING is relieved.I used to think that wasting my time and doing nothing was just living in the eyes of others.What is life wasted time what is mediocrity!Life, no matter how glorious, how successful, how anxious and painful, how happy and beautiful, how miserable, everything is just in the past, everything is just a memory, no matter you are not wasted, have no achievements time is like water.Ordinary life is the norm, it seems that nothing is really meaningful, but in the ordinary life sometimes there is a wave of ripples, and this wave of ripples is the power of my life.