How to open eternal DLSS open method

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How do I open DLSS?As the game open beta, many friends are attracted by rich game play, is loved by everyone, and launched a DLSS function in the game, a lot of friends want to open but don’t know the specific operation method, the following is the small make up I to introduce the opening method about this function, please don’t miss the oh.DLSS open method:The new technology of DLSS, game is the game specifically for NVIDIA, and graphics card manufacturer, then for athletic game launched a lower delay technique, and it’s not just the light have the function of reduce delay, for players in the game operation and the overall quality of frame rate, etc., have a great game experience ascension,Also let the players in this wuxia eat chicken hand tour can reflect a strong competitive style.– Enabling Dlss device requirements — Of course, in order to get such a smooth picture and frame rate, as well as the game delay, players must have a relatively supportive device, because the martial arts style of the game and memory and so on are relatively large, so want to enable this function,The graphics card must have a minimum configuration of around 750Ti. It should be noted that the graphics card can only run at 720 resolution in the game, and it only runs smoothly, so players who want a better game experience will have to change to their own perpetual competitive device.- Dlss function show – the functions are all called deep learning super sampling, also is the latest graphics card company a graphic imaging technology, mainly through hardware acceleration to improve on the game screen and various kinds of quality, the resolution of the scenery, game rendering level is greatly enhanced, not only from a color or a variety of character modeling is very realistic,Moreover, after opening this version of function 2.0, it also supports ultra-high resolution technology, the frame rate will not be stuck after two hours of continuous play and other situations, especially the ghosting effect and reflection effect of the screen have been greatly improved picture quality.Anyhow want to unlock the function of DLSS, a set of good equipment can’t be lack of, or in the game can only support low quality and low quality images, if tough on high quality, high rendering, will cause the game card frame, that is about ever survive what’s the use of DLSS hkta and how to open all contents of DLSS function,Have you all learned it?# Forever